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31 January, 2009 / theexpositor

Nightline on Mark Driscoll

I posted this on facebook asking for feedback and got very little. So here it is on The Expositor and I want your thoughts on the story, and I will give you my thoughts on this weeks MCP.



  1. Jeff / Jan 31 2009 15 54

    I heard about all the controversy surrounding him. I listened to a number of his podcasts for myself. What I found was this: He preaches the gospel. He is well read. He is honest and open. He has many good things about him. The problem I see is that he is like many of the high-profile mega-pastors: spiritually immature. I suspect he, and a number of others, never got truly discipled. It takes years even with the best teachers. And, discipleship is more than being taught; it is learning to walk and talk, too. I think it will be very hard for this brother to grow and change without some very serious events to take place around him. He is in way over his head, and he doesn’t know it.

    He can go many years, growing his church, but is he growing in Christ? TIme will tell. Without the advantage of a life of spiritual discipleship, he will suffer more from earthly pressures than he otherwise would, and the people under him, in his charge, will not grow spiritually.

    His church is run like a business, so will only grow as a business, or suffer as a business. He has not appeared to learn that the church is not a business, he is not a CEO, the workers in the church are not hirelings to be hired and fired like VPs, and the product of the church is not entertainment on the weekends.

    I want to be fair to him, since he is a very gifted speaker, and he does preach the gospel. I like him. But he is way too carnal for his own good. Sorry.

  2. Leo / Feb 2 2009 2 28

    What a shame, how this pastor and church is dragging Christ name and work on the cross through the mud of worldly and fleshy desires!

  3. Eric / Feb 2 2009 15 07

    This is the first time I’ve heard Mark and to be honest and judging solely from the video clip – I can’t find much wrong with anything he said. Other than I would disagree about some of his Calvinist views (which isn’t that big of deal to me) he sounds pretty conservative.

  4. David / Feb 2 2009 16 02

    I think theologically he is right on. I can’t speak for his heart, as I do not know that and only God does. So whether from pretense or truth what matters is Christ being preached.

    But let me caution, that verse, only applies to correct teaching. It does not apply to wrong teaching. If Driscoll leaves the narrow path, then all bets are off.

  5. Brett S / Feb 2 2009 20 06

    Jesus first; and sex with my wife second. Works for me!

    My impressions … I honestly can’t understand how “Christians” can be so critical of this guy. The interview Mike Corley did was 100% better for giving an accurate portrayal of the man’s ministry and worldview, but the short ABC interview was fair and not over the top sensationalism (or blatant falsehoods). I’ve read one of Pastor Driscoll’s books and listened to several sermons online, and find them thoroughly edifying and he is truly a gifted Gospel preacher. Maybe even more important than his job as a pastor, he seems to truly love his wife and kids and is committed to being a family man. He apparently realizes that (like all of us) he could stand to develop a little more humility. I really doubt Mark Driscoll would make the pope blush (considering JPII’s work on the “theology of the body”. I’m not in 100% agreement with Driscoll’s theology, but thank God we’re not judged on our theological knowledge. Jesus Christ is either lord of all, or lord of none.

    If secular experts/commentators want to criticize the guy and distort his ministry; well that wouldn’t be the first time a man received a hard time for preaching Jesus. But fellow Christians discrediting him is disheartening. I’ve read a few things online attacking Pastor Driscoll (Pastor Ken Silva, and Pastor Steve Camp to name a few) that have nothing of substance to criticize the man for, but strike me as a couple of jealous 13 year old school girls. Pastor Driscoll is doing some amazing grace filled work for the body of Christ in his local church. If someone has a substantive disagreement with the man, then by all means discuss it with him like a grownup; but legalistic Christians have no right to shamefully gossip about a brother behind his back.

    I don’t care if he looks like a punk rock biker (? which I don’t quite get from his appearance), or if he uses questionable slang language. If he’s preaching Christ I say God Bless Him, and his future efforts for the kingdom. Benedicamus Domino!

  6. theexpositor / Feb 3 2009 2 52

    received via Facebook-

    Michael, Paul preached Jesus Christ and and Christ Crucified. As I told you, I am old school I believe there needs to be more preaching on the cross instead of culture shock factors. This is my opinion. He might have a growing church of 8,000 but does numbers determine spirituality?

    Larry, pastor in Louisiana

  7. Rachel / Feb 3 2009 5 02

    Some more background and a good article from the Christian Worldview-

    Maybe after reading that some will see why Driscoll has the criticism he does.

  8. mingo / Feb 3 2009 6 22

    Hey Mike,
    I saw the segment on NL and although I am not cool enough to go to Mark’s church as I have pointed out on Facebook, I didn’t see anything that was dragging the cross of Christ through the mud as one of your commenters said. Maybe I am immature too, or maybe I just missed something, but what was the problem?

  9. Brett Beasley / Feb 4 2009 22 35

    Jesus was controversial because of the message of the cross, not simply controversial. There is a difference.

  10. Alan Popoli / Feb 25 2009 8 19

    the only thing that confuses me is why traditional pastors who lead dying churches where hardly anybody gets converted can have the gumption to take shots at mark. he’s leading a freaking worldwide move of God. not that we rank a pastor’s faithfulness based on fruitfulness, but at some point you need to acknowledge when the Spirit is blowing through a church.

    somebody above me said he was “spiritually immature,” and that “he is way too carnal for his own good. sorry.”

    do you believe the people who were converted through his preaching have actually passed from death to life?

    do you REALLY believe they have been rescued from eternal torment into everlasting life?

    because your words reflect apathy towards the work of the Spirit…which is very carnal.

    THOUSANDS have come to Jesus as a result of Mars Hill and its activities and affiliates, with probably thousands more on the way, by God’s grace, and you don’t bat an eye.

    WHY THE HELL aren’t you celebrating? why aren’t you dancing? the angels are. instead you are sitting on your butt coldly calculating, “oh, too bad for mark he’s carnal.” that is absolutely disgusting and arrogant. it’s totally out of control.

    please, please, anyone who feels that way, repent of that critical spirit and rejoice in the work of God!

    and definitely don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit by attributing the work of God to Satan…

  11. E.D. Jones / Mar 23 2009 20 03

    From the small bit I could learn from the Nightline video, it looks to me like Mark Driscoll preaches the truth. It makes me wonder about those who choose to criticize him; are they afraid of the truth?
    Yet the criticism also makes me curious to learn more about the message that Driscoll preaches. Is there something there that truly warrants criticism?

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