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14 January, 2009 / theexpositor

Rick Warren Applauds Obama for inviting Gay Bishop to Pray at Inauguration

Your honor, may I offer into evidence exhibit number…….(I lose count)…that Rick Warren is a false teacher?….

The Voice by Brian Burke-Rick Warren compliments Barack Obama’s invitation to openly gay activist Bishop “Vicky” Gene Robinson to pray at his inauguration on Sunday.

“President-elect Obama has again demonstrated his genuine commitment to bringing all Americans of goodwill together in search of common ground,” Warren said in a statement to Christianity Today. “I applaud his desire to be the president of every citizen.”

It is evident the President-Elect seeks to please everybody avoiding being principled on any issue. His one guiding principle seems to be, to be all-inclusive and please everybody at some point or another. Obama took a lot of heat from the gay community when he invited Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration. Now, without a doubt he will come under fire from Christian conservatives for allowing gay activist “Vicky” Bishop Gene Robinson also to pray at the event. In a NY Times article Robinson said of Obama’s choice for the invocation, ““it was like a slap in the face.”

“I’m all for Rick Warren being at the table,” Bishop Robinson told The New York Times, “but we’re not talking about a discussion, we’re talking about putting someone up front and center at what will be the most watched inauguration in history, and asking his blessing on the nation. And the God that he’s praying to is not the God that I know.”

Warren did not answer directly when asked whether he would dedicate his prayer to Jesus. In a statement to The Associated Press, Warren would say only that, “I’m a Christian pastor so I will pray the only kind of prayer I know how to pray.”

On the other hand, Robinson said in an article with Concord Monitor that he doesn’t yet know what he’ll say, but he knows he won’t use a Bible.

“While that is a holy and sacred text to me, it is not for many Americans,” Robinson said. “I will be careful not to be especially Christian in my prayer. This is a prayer for the whole nation.”

How times have changed. We went from Billy Graham, a true Man of God to Rick Warren, to an openly Gay Bishop to sanctify the American presidency. Will all future presidents allow different groups — which they seek to appease — to pray or do something at their inauguration? Should we please God or man?



  1. jeffshort / Apr 10 2009 7 28

    The New Rick Warren is up to his same Old tricks.

    Recently on Larry King Live for an interview, Warren was asked about his support for traditional marriage in California and his part in encouraging Christians to vote against gay marriage. He had a perfect opportunity to explain why Christians defend the marriage of a man and a woman against other alternatives, but he backed off. Instead, he actually tried to give a half-hearted apology for it, saying that his public oppostition to gay marriage in California actually came about by accident, that it’s not really that high a priority for him, and that he hadn’t spent any of his time actually speaking against gay marriage. So in other words, he communicated to Larry King and to the millions of viewers on CNN that as “America’s Pastor” defending traditional biblical Christian marriage really isn’t that high a priority for him. Again, instead of using his opportunities on national and international television to teach and explain clearly Christian truth, he again seemed more interested in furthering his popularity in modern secular culture and promoting his trendy social causes than in doing what he’s called to do as a “pastor” which is to preach the Word of God. Instead of being ready to “preach the Word, in season and out” as the Bible instructs him and all pastors to do, he seems always ready to avoid preaching the Word because it isn’t very popular in today’s modern, secular world. Instead, he’d rather be “politically correct” and not offend the world but all too willing to distort the truth of God and the gospel. We’ve seen this time and time again. For Warren, it’s not about preaching the gospel, it’s about marketing it. By force-fitting all Christian truth into the marketing approach, Warren actually changes the Christian message into something different. Instead of apologizing for believing in traditional marriage and disbelieving in gay marriage, he should be vigorously explaining why as a Christian pastor God is for the marriage of a man and a woman and is against other alternatives. He shouldn’t be so ashamed of Christian truth that he tries to distance himself from it as a marketing tool before the secular world. I think the Christian community has been patient with Rick Warren and his market-driven preaching and pastoring, but I also think it’s time that Christians begin to hold this very popular leader accountable to telling the truth. Enough of his clever spin on Christian teachings that make hard truths appear soft, difficult truths easy. There are occupations where one is hired specifically to put a spin on everything — such as a presidential press secretary, but that is not the role of pastor or Christian leader. Let’s hold Rick Warren accountable for being what he’s called to be, a pastor, not press secretary.

    pastor jeff short

  2. Kurt / Jul 4 2009 0 14

    It is amazing how many so called ‘Pastors’ in an effort to please the people, will not stand upon Biblical principles and totally offend God in the process. Rick Warren is a modern day ‘ear tickling’ preacher who ought to stand down as Shepherd to his flock. It is most clear in the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination to God and is clearly forbidden. Gay people can rationalize and justify all they desire and it does not change the Truth. The Bible is either the full divinely inspired Word of God or it’s not. We cannot pick and choose what is ‘relevant’ as the entire book is!!! We ought to show love to gay people as we are all sinners who fall short of God’s Grace. But to ‘white wash’ something that God absolutely detests, and not take a stand for God as the public looks on, is a major transgression that He will deal with. An abomination will always be just that in the eyes of a Holy God who is never changing and eternal. You can always find a ‘Pastor’ to tell you what you want to hear. It is the Pastor who tells the Truth even if it hurts that truly loves you and is concerned for your soul. Because when we die and pass from this life unto the next, only the Truth will have set the sinner free……

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