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19 November, 2008 / theexpositor

Changes coming to MCP

mcplogoexpoHello dear friends. I have felt the need over the past months to share news of changes that have been taking place in my life and ministry. As many of you know I recently left our radio station in anticipation of it selling, we accepted a position in radio in Texas and moved there. Most recently, I have had some serious health issues that have forced me to radically change my routine and indeed my lifestyle. As recent as two weeks ago I experienced an event that could have been very very serious, yet I am grateful to the Lord for His grace and mercy.

So today, I am announcing that I am making more changes concerning The Mike Corley Program. Effective today, I will produce the broadcast on a weekly basis and expand it to a two-hour format. My health issues and the growing demands on my time make it necessary to move things around a wee bit, but I am confident that this move will be a positive and productive one. Ultimately, I will have more time to prep for each broadcast and more time to discuss the issues and events.

I want to thank all of you who listen to this program; who take the time to subscribe or manually download, or listen on-demand, and for taking the time to email me and tell me what the broadcast means to you. To God be the glory.

So again, effective today, The Mike Corley Program will be a weekly broadcast and will expand to two-hours, and available for download each Friday evening at 9:00pm cst. Each broadcast will be available for download via our website at, through our own RSS feed, through ITunes, or through


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  1. Rachel / Nov 23 2008 3 38

    I always enjoy your show and I wish it was at least five days a week.. 🙂 I hope and pray your health improves and God strengthens you and your faith and brings you closer to Him through all this.

    Take care,

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