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05 November, 2008 / theexpositor

President Obama….God help us!

A majority of American voters have spoken, and they have said loud and clear that it’s not important who a man is and what he stands for, but what he says he will promise to do for them, or what he wears, or how well he dances, or how smooth his speech is.

American went to the polls tonight, and a majority of them said that they want Barack Obama. Believe me when I say this….God help us.

The idiocy of a majority of American has been clearly defined on this night as so many have said that they just don’t care; they just don’t care.

The ignorance of even the news agency, especially FOX, is disturbing, as now the glowing praise of Obama has begun. Much has been and will be made of the fact that Barack Obama is the first African American president, and this fact should not be diminished as it is incredibly important. Yet, I could care less of this fact, if the first African American president is one who is a pragmatic, liberal extremist.

So get ready America…get ready for more abortions, more preferential treatment for homosexuals, more taxes, more tax dollars spent on wasteful and even perverted cause, more socialism, more decadence, more liberalism, more heathenism, and I think….judgment.

We shall reap what we sow, and perhaps the fact that we have a socialist communist as the leader of America and in essence the free world, we are getting what we deserve for our sins of laziness and selfishness. Indeed, God help us. God have mercy.



  1. grubstreethack / Nov 5 2008 4 50

    well now you know how we felt in 2004

  2. Douglas / Nov 5 2008 5 29

    “President Obama….God help us!”


    God help Barak Obama, he sure needs it. God, please save Barak Obama and his family, please.

    God raised up Barak Obama didn’t He? And God tears down doesn’t He?

    I hope no mad person assassinates Mr. Obama.

    We all had black, cold as stone, wicked hearts before we were saved didn’t we? What’s so different about Mr. Obama? Nothing.

    I think Kim Riddlebarger makes some excellent comments:

    President-Elect Obama

    The Church shouldn’t be afraid of the refining fires of suffering, trials and persecution should it? Maybe God will use this Presidency and Government to bring about some purity in the American Church? It sure needs it at the moment by the state of things. False teaching and Scripture Twisting everywhere one looks practically. Tragic.

  3. theexpositor / Nov 5 2008 12 32


    Can you elaborate?

  4. theoldadam / Nov 10 2008 16 03

    I wanted a black President (just not this one).

    This one is a socialist/Leftist with unseemly friends with terrorist pasts.

    All our enemies rejoiced when he won. That alone ought tell us something.

  5. mike / Jan 24 2009 6 45

    obama, a favored child among the liberal “news
    network,” was not questioned with-out tele-prompters
    throughought his campaign. Don’t you think it’s a
    little late to question him now, you idiots?????

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