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05 November, 2008 / theexpositor

Justin Taylor on President-Elect Obama

Justin Taylor with this perspective at Between Two Worlds:

With Ohio being called for Senator Obama, it appears that he will be our next President.

It’s very easy to forget–especially for those of us who are on the younger side–that it was only a little over 40 years ago that there were Jim Crow laws in the US. Just a generation ago, many African Americans were segregated from whites in public schools, transportation, restrooms, and restaurants.

Tonight, the United States has elected a biracial man to serve as its leader.

It would be an understatement to call this a watershed cultural moment in our country’s history.

No matter who you voted for–or whether you voted at all–it’s important to remember that, as President, Barack Obama will have God-given authority to govern us, and that we should view him as a servant of God (Rom. 13:1, 4) to whom we should be subject (Rom. 13:1, 5; 1 Pet. 2:13-14).

There are many qualifications to add to these exhortations–for example, see this excellent post by John Piper–but it’s still important to remember that these are requirements for all Bible-believing Christians.



  1. Douglas / Nov 5 2008 13 13

    Al Mohler’s comments are very good too I reckon:

    America Has Chosen a President

    luv ya ya Yankee doodle dee, most of your posts are also very good. Very challenging and thought provoking.

    We have elections in here New Zealand on Saturday, we already have a mostly godless government in power who desperately need our prayers. Homosexual unions, abortion, prostitution, anti-smacking are all laws here now. The existing Labour Government will probably get back in power the way things are going.

    The leader of one of the parties here is pro-life so my wife and I will probably vote that way again. There are still a lot of problems in New Zealand that are not likely to go away any time soon.

  2. Shane Trammel / Nov 7 2008 5 24


    I like the fact that you pointed out that “There are many qualifications to add to these exhortations”. I completely agree and I would almost go so far as to say Justin should have provided some of those qualifications.

    I think Kent Hughes, in his commentary on Romans does an excellent job with Romans 13 “The Believer’s Submission To Human Government”.

    You can get it here: Romans: Righteousness from Heaven

  3. the Rev. Bryan Dabney / Nov 7 2008 21 11

    “Our elected officials are not the source of their own power; rather, they are representatives who have been entrusted with the authority of the American people as defined in the United States Constitution. If they violate that trust, they are as much criminals as the guy who robs your local 7-11 store… “
    Robert Hawes– 21st century freelance writer

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