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03 November, 2008 / theexpositor

Ray Baumann-Organic Christianity

from Christian Worldview Network:


The modern day church is in much the same place(as organic farming). Men have been modifying the “seed” for decades in order to get quick growth. Churches around the country have learned how to put on great church service, provide great programs, and as a result are showing record numbers of people involved.  But, with the divorce rate being over 50%, teens leaving at an alarming rate, members admitting to hardly ever opening their bibles and the recognition that by the fruit being produced, many who are involved in church have never been born again, it seems there is an epidemic of disease.  Once again there is a cause and effect to what is happening in the church today.


We must go back and look critically at the processes going on in church that make it so disease prone. Where did the mutation take place?  Can we ask that question honestly and look at patterns and practices in church that have been “modified” to get us to where we are today? Can we look at the “organic” model of the church in the New Testament and learn something?


Much like the farmers, no one wants to put the blame on the church and its leadership for losing its focus from the biblical mandate to preach the Gospel and disciple believers. Instead, the methods that focus on attracting people are seen as just what it takes to make it in the church world. But, what we have learned is that when the church modifies its seed, it may grow a great looking plant and produce great “looking” fruit but the nutritional value is lost and it weakens all who eat there. The use of man-made methods only invites disease. When the church is driven by anything other than the Gospel it has been genetically modified.


Ray Baumann is a former emergent, postmodern relevant, purpose-driven church growth thinker that God has dramatically transformed. He is currently serving as Associate Pastor at First Assembly of God in Belleville, IL.

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