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02 October, 2008 / theexpositor

An update from yours truly…

Hello dear friends. As I write this I sit in my study in my new home in east Texas. As some of you know, I recently sold the radio station I owned in Vicksburg, Mississippi and have relocated my work, my ministry and my life to the Lone Star state.

I have barely been here a week, and although I am very physically tired, I remain hopeful and excited about what God has in store for me here. As to the Mike Corley program, I have intentionally been sharing repeat programs so that I may have time to rest and recharge, and to have the time needed to get my operations set up in my new home.

There is much more I could share here, and I will certianly do so as the days go along. You can also expect more blog posts on the issues from now on.

What I would selfishly ask of you is that you continue to pray for us, write me and let me know you are there, continue to read our blog sites and listen to the broadcast. Also, we are real need of your financial support. It is not a natural thing for me to ask for contributions, yet I feel confident that now that we have committed to having more personal time and energy to grow the ministry, there are many of you out there that will join with us in supporting this effort with your prayers and gifts. Any gift will be greatly appreciated and used wisely.

So…thank you for all of your support. May the Lord bless you to His glory.

Soli Deo Gloria,