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11 September, 2008 / theexpositor

Sproul and Horton on Evangelicalism in America

With the topic being Christless Christianity and the state of Evangelicalism today, Dr. Michael Horton interviews Dr. R. C. Sproul on the White Horse Inn (approx. 54 minutes):


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  1. Brett S / Sep 22 2008 13 41

    Great discussion, thanks for sharing. These gentlemen beautifully present the 2 part mission of Christ’s Church: to preach the Gospel, and to offer the sacraments. Both are vital, and I think faithfulness to the sacraments allows us to be at peace with God’s sovereignty.

    I’ve been blessed by faithful evangelical ministries (like yours Mike) that are committed to preaching the Gospel. I‘ve gained a better understanding and articulation of what exactly is wrong with the basic message of “popular” preachers like (Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Joyce Myers, etc). While objective Truth is crucial, I do wonder how worthy it becomes to overemphasize and critique the message and methods of certain preachers. None of us is really capable of preaching the Gospel with the awe and reverence it deserves. Maybe too much focus on hearing the Word preached the way we want can take away from the means of grace that God offers us in the sacraments. It is a difficult balance; and an overemphasis on the sacraments (without the Gospel) can lead to all kind of superstitions and crazy practices. I think it’s sad when people distort 1 Cor 1:17, to claim Paul was teaching that (preaching the Gospel) was more important than baptism. (That’s not what he said). Our Lord himself gave us the great commission “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, BAPTIZING them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” [Mt 28:19-20]

    With hurricanes going on in my area over the last couple of weeks, I know most pastors are having a hard enough time keeping their families safe and their heads above water. I doubt many eloquent sermons have been prepared, but hearing the written Word of God proclaimed, and bread and wine offered is a Grace for God’s people; and Lord knows there’s been plenty of water around to baptize the multitudes.

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