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31 August, 2008 / theexpositor

Thanks to a friend and fellow broadcaster

My friend John Cocarro, County Director for the Warren County Branch of the Mississippi State University Extension Service, writes a weekly column for the Vicksburg Post. This week, John graciously offers me the following. You can learn more of John’s work at Thank you John…so much.

I take this opportunity to say farewell, so long and best wishes to a fellow with whom I’ve had the privilege to work for almost three years now.  Mike Corley, owner/operator of the local radio station WQBC here in Vicksburg, informed me that he is making big changes with the radio station and will be moving on to other projects.  

For the last several years, Mike and I have recorded a weekly radio show, which has aired on Saturday mornings at 7:30.  I consider him the expert and the professional when it comes to working all the equipment in a radio station booth.  In my opinion, he’s a very good interviewer, too.  I’ve just been the guy with the other microphone talking about various things the Extension Service happened to have going on that week or the next.  I am thankful to have had Corley’s help getting Extension’s programs, events and information out in yet another format. Corley has packed up his portable recording gear and traveled to Extension-related functions to record the Saturday morning show with me more times than I can count – events such as the Fall Flower and Garden Fest at Crystal Springs, 4-H Horse Shows and Field Days at the Brown Loam Experiment Station.   He and I once recorded a show from the Vicksburg Welcome Center when our Mississippi homemaker volunteers were there for their Child Abuse Awareness program we call Blue Ribbon Week.   

Perhaps the radio show I will remember the most is one we recorded last July.  I had gone out to the station prepared to talk all about the biology and control of ticks and the interactions between ticks, people and pets.  Corley did a great job getting all that recorded and he even included a portion of Brad Paisley’s hit, “I’d Like to Check You for Ticks” between the segments of the show.  This summer the National Association of County Agricultural Agents selected that particular radio program as the National Winner among all radio programs submitted by Extension Agents throughout the entire U.S. and they honored me with a fantastic plaque at the Association’s National meeting in Greensboro, NC.  When I got back to Vicksburg, I insisted that I get a photograph with Corley holding the plaque, because I felt he deserved the honor as much as I. 

He has furthered the Extension Service’s cause in other ways, as well, like the time he actually presented a program to our Homemaker volunteers on traditional Irish holiday dishes.  Once, he even judged the preserved foods at our Homemaker’s exhibit day.  Did I mention he has exceptional culinary skills in addition to his radio broadcasting expertise? 

Perhaps I should alert the Extension Agents in Navarro County Texas that they’ve got a fine resource heading their way and let them know that if they want a shot at a National winning radio program, Corley’s the guy who can help get it done.