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27 August, 2008 / theexpositor


This Friday August 29 is another Friday House Call on On Call with Dr. Dan Edney! Got a question on any subject, topic or issue? Send your question to Dr. Dan Edney and he will address it on the air! He can also call in your question at 888-253-9254 leave it as a voicemail message and Dr. Dan will answer it on the show as well. Plus…you can post your question by writing it in the form below or in the comment section below. Please include your name, location and email address, if you would like a reply.



  1. Dorothy / Aug 29 2008 15 28

    Two months ago I had my gallbladder removed. After the operation the wound became infected and it still hasn’t healed, despite several courses of treatment. My GP has been testing for an MRSA infection. What is this and what does it mean if I have it?

  2. Patricia / Aug 29 2008 15 29

    I’ve recently returned home from hospital after a heart attack. My doctor has suggested that I start taking a type of drug he calls a statin, which he says is the latest thing to reduce the risks of a second heart attack. Do I really need this medicine and how long will I have to take it for?

  3. Diane / Aug 29 2008 15 30

    My mother died from breast cancer when she was in her 30s. Now my sister, aged 28, has been diagnosed with it. She’s told me this means it’s likely there’s a breast cancer gene in the family and I should be checked for it (I’m 30) because the risk for me is more than 20 times the normal one. I understand the normal risk is one in nine, so surely 20 times this means I’m certain to get it?

  4. Ken / Aug 29 2008 15 31

    My doctor has told me I need medicine for high blood pressure and will need to take it for the rest of my life. I don’t like it because I’m only 58 and hate taking pills. Is there anything else I can do to control my blood pressure?

  5. Wanda Johnston / Aug 29 2008 15 33

    I’m 36 and have three children. Recently, I decided to take up tennisagain, which I hadn’t played since becoming pregnant with my third child. Within half an hour of finishing my first session, my vision became blurred, I felt unwell and got a headache. The same happened the following week, with each episode lasting two to three hours. Does this mean I can no longer play? Is there a problem with my blood pressure? My GP thinks it’s a migraine, but I do

  6. r w / Aug 29 2008 19 38

    I’m 33 and suffer terribly with acne on my face, especially around my chin and mouth. It causes me so much misery and depression. I’ve tried all the products you can buy over the counter and recently went to see my GP, who prescribed the contraceptive pill. I’ve been taking this for a month and still haven’t seen any improvement.

    I eat a fairly healthy diet. Most days I eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, but I occasionally eat chocolate and cake when I’m feeling low.

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