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05 August, 2008 / theexpositor

On the Radio…Mike and Ken Silva

Mike interviews Ken Silva, President of Apprising Ministries and General Editor of the Christian Reasearch Network, concerning successful efforts by Richard Abanes recently to shut down Aprrising’s website. What are the implications of this? What led up to this action. What can we as believers learn from this? 



  1. Darren Sapp / Aug 7 2008 19 06

    Let me preface this post by saying that I wish Richard Abanes would have tried to work this out with Ken and not contacted the ISP. This whole mess is very unfortunate and I hope no unbelievers stumble across it. I do think folks are harder on Ken Silva then they should be. Many times, we misconstrue things on the internet because we cannot hear and see things such as tone, inflection, and body language that can be vital to effective communication. What does exist is this circular trend of website #1 justifying themselves because they “speak Biblical truth” and website #2 sincerely states the same in their refutation or agreement. I believe this article by David Aikman expresses the problem clearly, particularly, the last three paragraphs.

    I think that a lot folks bring this back and forth banter on themselves because they are so willing to stomp on toes. A theological difference is one thing, but sometimes it is so personal. Mike stated that we all, on occasion, “step over the line” and Ken agreeably said “sure.” Perhaps someone could give me an example, but I have never seen Ken admit to stepping over the line or agreeing that he might have been too harsh or too personal. Were he to do this, I think it would alleviate a lot of the harshness toward him and give him more credibility with his detractors.

    Mike asked Ken if he knows what Richard took issue with in that article and Ken seems to not know. I don’t know how he could not know because Richard has argued ad nauseam and in detail on various blogs that the article was a personal attack rather than a theological attack. You can read about it here, specifically response #5. Why the long discussion on libel if Ken does not know specifically what Richard things is libel

    Ken and I agree theologically on many things and do not argue that certain trends in the church are alarming. I do disagree with the methods of communication on the internet that are so personal and seemingly unloving in their attack. These websites could lovingly correct theological/biblical error without using titles such as “Purpose Drivel” or allowing comments calling Rick Warren the antichrist. I am just as disturbed at the so-called parody sites poking fun at Ken, et al. They are not funny, they’re mean and they hurt.

    What did we learn? Ken is wrong and Darren is right. Hardly. I have definitely made some mistakes in my post and regret them. What we learn is that we need to try to workout every single matter of disagreement with a brother in private if at all possible. If we feel like we need to take the matter public to warn others, we need to be super nice, and loving, and above reproach. We need to do it as if the person we were disagreeing with was sitting right next to our computer and we could see and comprehend their feelings. Telling Rick Warren you think his version of the Gospel is leading folks down a shallow path would probably not hurt his feelings but calling him the Purpose Driven Pope, might. You see the difference?

    Press On,



  2. Darren Sapp / Aug 8 2008 13 08

    Correction: On my previous post, the last paragraph should read, “I have defintely made some mistakes in my posts and regret them.” In other words, posts and comments I have done over the last couple of years.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Douglas / Aug 9 2008 9 57

    I remember when Ken went through all this with Richard Abanes 3 years or so ago, starting on Tim Challies “forum” at the time and I can say with all honesty that Richard Abanes was not very gracious towards not only Ken but to many many others as well. At the time I wondered if Mr. Abanes was even a Christian going by some of the horrible things he wrote on Challies’ forum. It’s all been deleted now. I still wonder to this day about Mr. Abanes. Sure, Richard Abanes is very knowledgeable about this and that, cults, false religions, urban legends so on and so forth, but he is ignorant about Yoga, you cannot separate the physical from the spiritual within Yoga. Richard Abanes maintained that a Christian can practice the physical side of Yoga without embracing the spiritual, but what he does not realize is that the physical aspect of Yoga is a major vehicle for the spiritual to enter ones life. Richard Abanes is even knowledgeable about the Reformed Faith but I still wonder about him. I have been on the receiving end of Mr. Abanes’ sharp, biting pen, I know what it is like and it is not easy to deal with. I think Mr. Silva’s article is most needed so that lay Christians, like me, sheep, can be aware of people like Mr. Abanes. A pastors assessment would be and is most helpful for young, struggling Christians.

    allowing comments calling Rick Warren the antichrist.

    Some of the things in Rick Warren’s teachings, including in his exceedingly deceptive Purpose Driven Life book, are anti-Christian.

    Rick Warren is not the anti-Christ, he is an unrepentant Scripture twister and false teacher. Yes, a warm, friendly, huggable, loving sort of guy who can make people laugh with his jokes and disarm them with his sense of humor but that makes him all the more dangerous. How many millions have been deceived by Rick Warren only God alone knows. And as each day passes Rick Warren’s power base increases. Even Time Magazine are singing the praises of Rick Warren again. It’s the second time he’s been on the front cover isn’t it? Fancy a twister of God’s Holy Word getting front cover recognition and promotion by Time Magazine. Rick Warren proclaims a watered down, weak, felt needs, tickling ears, Purpose Driven Gospel which in reality is no Gospel at all. It is not the biblical Gospel that Rick Warren teaches on a consistent basis. It is a man pleasing message. Sure, there are bits and pieces of the Gospel here and there in Rick Warren’s teachings and God probably uses that in spite of Rick Warren’s torturing of God’s Holy Word and God uses it to save His Elect from among all the Purpose Driven crowd.

    The front cover of the latest Time Magazine:

    The Purpose Driven Pastor: Rick Warren

    The article about Rick Warren in the latest Time Magazine:

    The Global Ambition of Rick Warren

    It is a puff piece by Time Magazine about Rick Warren, singing his praises. No mention of the full-orbed Biblical gospel you’ll notice.

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