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23 May, 2008 / theexpositor

Praying for the Chapman family

As many of you know by now, the family of Steven Curtis Chapman has suffered a terrible tragedy in the loss of the five-year-old daughter Maria. I can only imagine what the Chapmans are going through, and my heart is so heavy for them today. Our friend and dear brother Steve Camp offered the following insight:

“there is no pit so deep
where God’s love is not deeper still”
-Elizabeth ten Boom-

I received the heart-wrenching news a few hours ago this evening [Wednesday,  March 21] of the unfortunate and tragic death of Steven’s youngest child, adopted daughter Maria.

I had just seen Steven a few days ago at a local coffee shop not far from our respective homes. Oh how our lives can be so unexpectedly and radically changed in just an instant. Please pray, beloved, for this dear family that the Lord would comfort them and grant them the grace needed to endure in this time of great loss.
For those of you who have lost loved ones as I have, it is in these shattering moments, and by the tender mercy of God through the Holy Spirit, that we press into our Lord Jesus and find our strength and refuge beyond the scalding tears and questioning hearts. And as a step of faith, as Christians, we say with heavenly understood sorrow from the depth of our aching being in the midnight hour: “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away; but blessed be the name of the Lord.”  And then one day, as we continue to walk down the Narrow Road by His grace, Jesus will meet us; and turns our broken hearts into burning hearts.  And right there in the black hole of our suffering and grief we will sing again, if only in a holy whisper, It Is Well With My Soul.

But not yet, not yet…

“Dear Lord Jesus, please grant my brother in Christ and his entire family the grace and mercy they so deeply need this very hour.”
In His Unfailing Love,
1 Cor. 15:1-4