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21 May, 2008 / theexpositor

Emails from Listeners and Readers

My name is David. I live in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. I listen to you via iTunes podcast. I’m a new listener and what I have heard, I enjoy, but mostly because you uphold biblical truth through the doctrines of grace. Keep up the good work.

Yours in Christ,


Mr. Corley,

I apologize for the length of this e-mail.  I hope that it won’t be dismissed because of its detail.  Quickly, I caution you against tirades against the likes of Nancy Pelosi.  She is not a believer.  She is acting consistent with her master – sin.  I am not surprised by her actions and most importantly, I am not disappointed by them.  Why should I expect her to be concerned with sin?  Leave the dead to bury the dead.  Your ministry is too important to be muddled up with politics of man.  Your intensity is rightly directed against false teaching.

Secondly, I caution you against criticizing the “Church” because it doesn’t give to charity enough.  Some might miss that fact that the Bridegroom of the Church who presents the Church to Himself a pure and spotless bride is responsible for the Church.  Others might miss the fact that what we call the Church and what really is the Church are two very different things.  Also, where are we called to give to the world?  I can find no example in Scripture of a church giving to a secular ministry or to unbelievers.  The offerings in Acts were to believers.  We are to love our brothers.  We are to love our wives as Christ loved the church.  I commend you for pointing out that love without real action (giving) isn’t love.  Saying “Be at peace” or “Be filled” without giving from our abundance is hardly love.  Praying only when we have means to do otherwise is not love – and may be sin.  But these ministries of giving should be to believers first.  I think that’s what you meant, but the distinction wasn’t clear to me in your pod-cast.

 I have been ministered to, encouraged by and lifted up by your pod-casts.  I praise God for your ministry.  May God bless you with years of further ministry.

Kevin, Pennsylvania


I tried to utilize your website for local news for a dying friend in the Vicksburg area.  However, all I got was your death counter and the preaching. Your news section is quite useless and I find the site to be quite useless, like your god.  The people who manage this website/radio station are what is wrong with this country.   Please save the prayers you would waste on me for someone who believes in your voodoo.

Chad, location not given


Hello there Mike, my name is Jeremy and I received your info at the True Church Conference in Muscle Shoals earlier this year.  I just wanted to let you know that we have added a link to your site on two different pages on our site.
Feel free to check out the site.  We are constantly working to add new links and add more scripture.  Our ministry, Xtreme Vision Ministries, is now networked with Anchored in Truth Ministries.  We long to present the truth, love people and offer resources for free.  Our time2stand website is not just for men.  If you have any ideas or if we can better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
God bless, Jeremy your brother in Christ Jesus our LORD! Muscle Shoals, AL