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20 May, 2008 / theexpositor

The Most Attacked Doctrine in the Christian faith

Paul Washer on Total Depravity



  1. Wayne / May 27 2008 3 43

    This is good. I pray that we can all love Jesus more! =) He deserves the brand of love that He gives.

  2. Cheryl Mulford / Jan 6 2010 12 47

    Paul Washer is awesome!!! He tells the truth so fervently. He is a true blessing. We must all repent now! I love Jesus!!!! I would love to have 30 minutes of Mr. Washer’s time, he has made me think and rethink so very many things. No other preacher today ministers the way paul does. The truth hurts but must be said again and again and again. We are all sinners and only by the grace of God and acceptance of Jesus as our Saviour can we hope for eternity with our Lord.

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