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22 April, 2008 / theexpositor

The Gospel and the SBC

Addressing the question “What are the most pressing issues facing the Southern Baptist Convention?“, Timmy Brister offers an incredibly insightful response. Here is an excerpt, read the entire comment at

The most pressing issue facing the SBC in 2008 is the gospel.

The one thing that precludes cooperation is (unfortunately) the gospel.

Ergo, the biggest problem is also the biggest issue is also the leading cause for precluding cooperation, namely the gospel.

Now I know that may sound really simplistic, but we as Baptists have a way of complicating things and stressing peripherals and wandering from the center.

But more specifically, how the gospel relates to the way we evangelize, the way we preach, the way we structure our churches, the way we do mission work, why and with whom we cooperate, and on and on. Affinity-based cooperation that transcends denominational structures are growing because of the emphasis on the gospel, while the SBC is divided and disillusioned by controversy and “Baptist battles.”

If we are going to see a “Great Commission Resurgence” as Dr. Akin puts it, we must recover the gospel and its primacy in everything we do. It is the power of God unto salvation, and it ought to be the hub of the SBC wheel that moves us forward in this new century.