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22 April, 2008 / theexpositor

Albert Mohler-

Dr. Albert Mohler’s latest blog entitlted A Church for Atheists?,  addresses the “proposal that atheists should form something like their own church — a church of unbelief. It seems that at least some atheists miss what Dennett (Daniel Dennett of Tufts University) calls “the trappings of religion.” They want a church for nonbelievers.”

I would add to this, perhaps sarcatiscally some may say) that we have enough church for unbeleivers now, As to Dr. Mohler’s closing statements here, “After all, no one is fooled by a secular cathedral.”, I would add, “Oh really now?”

“Well it is certainly true that science and reason do not make hospital visits, but it is difficult to see how a church of unbelievers would offer much comfort.  McManus’ article begins with Richard Dawkins poking fun at the idea that belief in God offers solace.  “Isn’t that a little childish?,” he asked.  Atheism just doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to spiritual assurance.  How could it?”

Even as some atheists want a church, and others have called for atheist Sunday Schools for children, other atheists see this as heresy and an abandonment of the true unfaith.  As Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists, stated:  “Our members have left religion and don’t want any part of that.”

The New Atheists apparently agree.  As Richard Dawkins says, “In the larger war against supernaturalism, frankly, it doesn’t help to fraternize with the enemy.”

Or, as Daniel Dennett more calmly retorted, “We think we can do without that.”  He probably can “do without that.”  After all, no one is fooled by a secular cathedral.