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03 April, 2008 / theexpositor

The Church of Oprah

How many “Christians” take what Oprah Winfrey says as being “gospel”. It may be gospel, but it’s clearly a false gospel. Regardless of her good works and cherry personality, she is a pagan and a false prophetess. Here is a wonderful video from and Christian Worldview Network, that lets one hear the facts straight from Oprah herself.




  1. Soli Deo Gloria / Apr 6 2008 2 40

    We need to pray vigilantly that the many who are being deceived by Oprah will have their eyes opened to this heresy. We also need to pray for Oprah that she will repent and turn to the Lord in faith and repentance – the risen Savior Jesus Christ.

    My heart goes out to the many who will be captivated and all the while I am angered at the heretical teachings that permeate not only the airwaves but also behind many pulpits.

    Soon we will see Oprah on TBN and INSP on the cable networks spewing her heretical nonsense or being endorsed by a charlatan.

    Maranatha! Maranatha!

  2. Dion / May 8 2008 18 33

    I just wanted to say that I believe that Oprah is totally confuse. All the things oprah went throucgh you would think she would give god thatnks for all the things she has accomplished. And far as what she said that had her think twice of God that “God is a Jealous God” she needed to look into that scripture alot deeper then that little piece she got from the minister. It seems that the smartess, richess woman in america can also be the dumb richess woman in america Biblicly speaking. Oparah pick up your bible and really read it throughly. I will send this video to every possible person there is that I know that watches the oprah Show and tell them of this cult thing she has started and It makes me think should I have voted for Obama? after all Oprah was all for Obama is he on the same Crap that oprah’s on? I’m not even saved fokes but one thing i know that if we were living in the Bible times I would not dare speak against God or I would be dead on the spot. I think that people take gods mercy for granted. I also believe that before people/christain choose to believe in this non sense, this Scientology of Religous hoop- la she pick up that bible and read the book of Revelation. You’ll see that this is just confirmation of the Lords coming. No offense to black people in the U.S (because I’m Black) don’t always believe that The Anti- christ could only be white, because your seeing it right now.The anti christ can be any color any nationality. But so far as me watching oprah, or asking for a Harpo hook up. FORGET IT! I’m telling every christain I know about oprah cult representing tail! And she can take her theories and her doctor right to hell with her because If if not mistaking in John 3:16 it say “For God so love the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believe in him shall not parish but shall have everlasting life”
    and all this coming from someone who has been born in raised in church, might not be living right but I thank God everyday for his Blessing, and his mercy. So for OPRAH READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!!! SO GET OF YOU HIGH PEDSTAL AND READ THE BIBLE!!! and her viewer DON’T LISTEN TO SOMEONE SO IGNORANT ( and by that someone who doesint know what she so quick to bash.

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