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02 April, 2008 / theexpositor


This is very important. I NEED TO HEAR FROM OUR READERS, LISTENERS AND FRIENDS NOW! I don’t need to know your vitual information, just whether or not you read our blog or listen to our radio program. I need to know basically three things:

  • Your name (at least your first name)
  • You location (city and/or state and if you are outside the USA, your country)
  • Whether you read the blog, listen to the radio program, (or both) and if listen live on radio, online, via podcasting or as a subscriber on ITunes?

This information will not be used for a mailing list, or shared with any other person or enitity. This is strictly for my information only! PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO CONTACT ME NOW! You can enter you info here on the comment section, or email me direct at

Thanks so much.



  1. Greg Smith / Apr 2 2008 16 40

    Greg Smith
    Des Moines, IA
    Blog reader

  2. Barrett Young / Apr 2 2008 20 42

    Barrett Young
    La Plata, MD

  3. theexpositor / Apr 2 2008 20 49

    (received via direct email)

    Lorraine P.
    Oshawa, ON


    Chris L.
    Michie, TN
    podcast and blog


    Ron Cox
    Columbus, Ohio
    I download your shows to my MP3 player.
    I really enjoy your program!


    I listen via podcast-
    Sioux Falls, SD



    Freeport, IL

    Read the blog (sometimes). Listen to the podcast (sometimes).


    Read blog, occasionally listen to radio program downloaded from the web. Didn’t know you had a podcast, will now subscribe.

    Sudbury, MA


    Heath and Summer
    Chattanooga, TN
    Occasional blog


    Craig Medicraft,
    Bridgetown Nova Scotia Canada

  4. Ken / Apr 2 2008 21 14


    love the show

  5. Brett S / Apr 2 2008 21 41

    Brett S
    Lafayette, LA
    Blog Reader
    Listen on demand

    I first heard your radio program on, and I enjoy catching up when I get the chance on your radio on demand site. I don’t always agree with your opinions; but I really appreciate your honesty. Your radio program is one of the few that focuses on how faith affects “everything” (even a humdrum Wednesday afternoon). Keep up the good work!

  6. Peter K / Apr 2 2008 22 06

    Peter K
    Somerset, United Kingdom
    both podcast and blog

    Your program is excellent. Thank you Mike

  7. John Daly / Apr 2 2008 22 09

    John Daly, Reformed BAPTIST, thanks for leavin’ dude 🙂
    St. Louis & Blog

  8. Jeremy Bennett / Apr 2 2008 23 07

    Jeremy Bennett
    Owensboro, KY
    Itunes and blog

  9. Jim L / Apr 2 2008 23 13

    Jim L.
    Colonial Heights, Virginia

    Yes to all the above (listen online).

    Thank you Brother Mike for all you do to contend for the faith and for being such a great source of encouragement !

  10. Bryan / Apr 3 2008 1 50

    Bryan T.
    Saudi Arabia (American Expat working in KSA)
    Read the Blog!

  11. Christine Pack / Apr 3 2008 3 40

    Christine Pack
    Atlanta, GA

  12. Ronald W. Hongsermeier / Apr 3 2008 7 06

    Hi Mike,

    I listen to the program most days.

    I read selectively through some of the blog pages.

    I listen via .mp3 downloads.

    I tried to set up iTunes previously. It didn’t work for me. /*the program from apple*/ Therefore hope you won’t be forced to ditch .mp3 downloads.

    I listen either in my office or while underway in my car /*car radio reads mini-SD card or USB-stick */ or using the player on my Palm during lag or breaks at work.

    Still praying for (y)our financial situations.

    ornrey ronnie, m.div in exile, Germany

    P.S. just had a neat meeting with a couple of my elders yesterday– encouraged by their response to my desire to see more God-centered approach to our evangelistic appeals.

  13. Karen / Apr 3 2008 8 36

    Karen B
    south Oxfordshire, England (but I’m an Okie)

    I listen to the show from the computer, I download it and put it on my mp3 player.

    I only recently started listening and I’ve enjoyed being able to hear past programs and now I really look forward to getting each recent show.

  14. Jason D. / Apr 3 2008 11 00

    Jason D.
    Fort Worth, TEXAS
    listen to the program online and subscribe to it on Google Reader

  15. Brian R. / Apr 3 2008 12 05

    Listen to the radio show online via MP3, read the blog…love it all brother. Fight the good fight and keep the faith (1 Tim. 1:19)

  16. Diane R. / Apr 3 2008 15 59

    Sunny Southern California–Los Angeles County
    Your blog

    And you need to know this information because??

  17. andy / Apr 3 2008 16 39

    Southampton UK
    I right click & save target which saves the show to my pc (i dont have Itunes) also read the blog

  18. Tom Hunter / Apr 3 2008 16 43

    Listen to your radio program by downloading the MP3s and listening while I travel for my job.

    Mount Vernon, Illinois

  19. Phillip / Apr 3 2008 16 46

    Conway Arkansas
    Podcast and blog

  20. Leslie / Apr 3 2008 16 50

    Atlanta, GA

    -Download your program (mp3) from
    -Listen live online occasionally.
    -Read your blog.

  21. Paula / Apr 3 2008 18 14

    Hutchinson MN

    thanks Mike. Keep the faith.

  22. Darren Sapp / Apr 3 2008 18 44

    Darren Sapp
    Rockwall, TX

    Read Blog

    Listen via since is not longer

    3.9 point calvinist, non-cessationist, kind of Baptist, pre-trib, ….oh wait, you did not ask for all of that.

  23. Kevin Hurt / Apr 3 2008 19 56

    Keivn Hurt
    Vicksburg, MS

    Read the Expositor daily and listen to the shows via OnePlace.

  24. bebereans / Apr 3 2008 21 46

    Rachel J.
    Lakeland, FL
    Read blog when I can, listen to shows from your wordpress site and I subscribe to it by iTunes so I don’t miss a show anymore.
    I love it. Wonderful ministry of getting the Truth out there. God bless you for everything you do.

    P.S. You gave me info for a church here and we went and enjoyed SS and service. It looks like we are going back. Thank you again!

  25. teddy / Apr 3 2008 22 29

    Margot Murray

    Sydney, Australia.

    Daily listener on the internet and download mp3’s as well.

    Regular blog reader.

  26. Morris Brooks / Apr 4 2008 3 53

    Morris Brooks
    Midland, Tx

    Regular blog reader.

  27. Dan / Apr 4 2008 5 46

    Listen on line when I get home from work. Love your show
    it is one of the highlights of my day. I discovered you just before you left One Place.
    I am Southern Baptist Preacher, however my congregation has labeled me a Calvinist.
    So, your program and others like it are of great interest to me.

    I live in Granite City, Il which is just across the river from St. Louis.

    Would you be willing to field some of my questions about the reformed faith?

  28. Cybill / Apr 4 2008 7 48


    Amman, Jordan


    God bless you, Mr. Corley!

  29. theexpositor / Apr 4 2008 8 03


    I would be honored to receive your questions. Send them on.

  30. Jeff Williams / Apr 4 2008 12 01



  31. Eddie W. / Apr 4 2008 14 17

    Eddie W.
    Dyersburg, TN
    Blog & Podcast

  32. junior / Apr 4 2008 14 41

    Junior D,
    Fort Worth, Texas
    I subscribe to the iTunes podcast and the 1689 : )

  33. Diane / Apr 5 2008 15 14

    Diane Lytle
    Athens, GA
    I enjoy both the blog and show (itunes)

  34. Mike Cunningham / Apr 6 2008 4 33

    Mike Cunningham
    Evansville, IN
    I visit the blog weekly and download an occasional MCP.

  35. Mona Welsh, Center Line,MI / Apr 6 2008 20 00

    I listen to the show on line and read the blogs when I have time. Love your show. Glad the storm wasn’t worse for you!

  36. Jill / Apr 7 2008 0 00

    East Texas

    I just found this blog and began reading it about 2 weeks ago. I subscribe to it via rss feed.

  37. George Wisley / Apr 7 2008 2 18

    Love your program and your blog and website. Keep up the good work! Thanks!!

  38. Soli Deo Gloria / Apr 8 2008 1 31

    Jay W.
    South Carolina
    Read your blog.

    Excellent material… keep up the great work!

  39. Greg / Apr 9 2008 22 33

    Springfield, MO
    Listen online by downloading MP3 from your web site.
    I enjoy listening to your show at work.
    More Paul Washer please.
    I found your show through oneplace

  40. Ted Kijeski / Apr 10 2008 0 04

    Ted Kijeski
    Pottstown, Pennsylvania

    I download your programs and listen to them on my MP-3 player while driving between campuses (itinerant college teacher). Came across your program while researching the Emergent Church phenomenon. Press on!

  41. Mingo / Apr 14 2008 19 51

    Sorry about the late entry.

    Mingo Tingle
    Canton, MS

    listener and reader

  42. chris / Apr 15 2008 19 59

    I just found out about this site today through Steve Camp. I’ll be a regular listener now through my iPod.

    Corpus Christi, TX

  43. Tim Bodnar / Apr 18 2008 0 16

    Tim & Jennifer Bodnar
    Hohenwald, TN

  44. sarah / Apr 18 2008 2 09

    I used to listen to you on oneplace. Just recently found that I can add you to my google reader. Have missed you.
    Thank you for all you do for fighting for the truth.

  45. Gordon Hazell / Apr 20 2008 20 52

    I listen directly from the website
    I live In Anguilla, West Indies

  46. Phil Roberts / Apr 21 2008 0 02

    Hey Mike!
    I found your program just before you left oneplace. I enjoy your program and have been introduced to new ideas and movements in the Christian church through your programing. Keep up the good work.

  47. Dale / Apr 21 2008 15 14

    Springfield, MO
    I found you on However, I did notice recently that you are not in their listing anymore.

  48. Joyce Reynolds / Apr 22 2008 12 47

    I found you while doing a research paper for my class at Liberty University DLP. You were a life saver with your Theology series and I truly found out some awesome truths. The only problem I have now is finding a church that believes what I have found myself believing. I guess I have been ReFormed.

    I listen when I get a chance and read as well. I love your program. I am straddling the fence here in Ohio but my Heart is in WV. I plan on returning there and starting a ministry.

    Be Blessed Mike and keep up speaking out for God and his Children. I love you.

    Joyce < (keep swimming)

  49. Brian / Apr 22 2008 23 33

    Mike found you at I listen to you and read the Expositor online. Chattanooga, Tn.

  50. Amber Metz / Apr 25 2008 21 24

    Amber Metz
    Lima, OH.

  51. John / May 22 2008 16 12

    john long
    jackson mississippi
    radio & website

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