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03 March, 2008 / theexpositor

Shane Trammel-Reflections on Driscoll via Edwards

When considering Mark Driscoll’s recent Song of Solomon video clip, I cannot help but reflect on the work of Jonathan Edwards in his The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God. I am reading through The Spirit of Revival: Discovering the Wisdom of Jonathan Edwards with a modernized text of The Distinguishing Marks.In Section 1: Indifferent Signs, Number 7 is titled, Errors in Judgment and Delusions of Satan Intermix with the Work. Number 7 reads:

Nor are many errors in judgment and some delusions of Satan intermixed with the work any argument that the work in general is not of the Spirit of God. However great a spiritual influence may be, it is not to be expected that the Spirit of God should be given now in the same manner as it was to the apostles. The Spirit, without error, guided the apostles in points of Christian doctrine. Therefore, what they taught can be relied on as a rule to the Christian church.

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  1. Andy / Mar 4 2008 22 11

    Hi Mike Love your show,I’m the Andy who’s letter you quoted from Steve Camps site…

    You may of seen Steve recently posted my last post on the front of his thread, though i still agree with what Mark gleaned from the scripture,i feel his reverences could of been better (as everyones can)..

    But i totally agree with you,we are all works in progress,and hope my stepping back from previous post doesn’t come across as condemning Mark,in fact the whole thread as taught me a lesson about my own behavior on and offline(far worse then Marks)..

    I love what Mark does on the whole,and support him in prayer and hope the best for the great work God is doing through his ministry..


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