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22 February, 2008 / theexpositor

TCC 08 First Evening

The first evening of the True Church Conference was met with great holy excitement and anticipation. I spoke with many people, and overheard conversation, between folks who were so anticipating a move of the Lord. The theme of this conference is church discipline, so you would automatically equate excitement and anticipation with this subject.

But I convinced that with a proper correct biblical understanding of church discipline, one will be encouraged. For the one who truly seeks God, who desires Him more than himself, will want correction, oversight and accountability, because when the instance happens, and it will happen to some degree or another, what a joy, blessing and honor it is to have someone who cares so much for the integrity of the Word of God and for the the person who have erred, to care enough to correct them. This church is packed with people from all over the country, indeed North America, who have traveled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, for one thing, to draw closer to the Lord. There are people here liek the three young men from New Jerset who came because they heard a Paul Washer sermon online and they want more. There are the countless pastors who knew there was something missing in their ministries, and God convicted their hearts through a Jeff Noblit sermon and they are here at The True Church, not because they seek to build great churches, but “true” churches, whether they are large ior not.

They, like myself, are blessed by the ministry of men like David Miller. who opened the conference last evening with a message on justification, and this morning Paul Washer is speaking on the topic, Reducing the Need for Discipline.

Brother Paul said in his message that we need less discipline and more preaching…because,sadly, people are faithful believers because of a lack of discipleship, but because they are not being converted. That statement should rock our hearts to the very core.

I am here at the invitation of Anchored in Truth and First Baptist Church, and its an honor to be here. But I will confess that I need this preaching and ministry I think, more than anyone here.