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19 January, 2008 / theexpositor

Calvinism and the SBC

Our friend Timmmy Brister has posted two articles regarding Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention at his website Provocations and Pantings. One article is a response to remarks made by SBC president Frank Page in an article in Christianity Today. In his post, Timmy writes;

”  Of course, with Page’s argument, we are led to believe that what the Founders of the SBC believed and taught was something contrary to the Bible. As a president of the SBC, I find it remarkable that our top figure would state that our convention adhered to doctrines not founded in Scripture. Now it is apparent to all that Dr. Page has had trouble with TULIP, and that is fine if he disagrees or has differences (though I think his arguments are presumptuous and problematic). However, having trouble with TULIP should not thereby constitute trouble with Baptist history.”

In the second article, Timmy examines the meeting of 15 SBC evangelists, as they lament the rise of Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention;

“So can it really be said that one of ten Southern Baptist ministers (who are Calvinists) be the real reason for lamenting in the SBC?
Should we not be lamenting over the nearly 10,500 churches who are practically dead?
Should we not be lamenting over the fact that over 75% of our churches are experiencing no conversion growth?
Should we not be lamenting over the evangelism (and its practices) of the past 50 years which has turned in the SBC into an unregenerate denomination with over half of our “church members” as unrecognizable?”

My two cents….I totally agree with Timmy in these two articles.

Why Go Back to the Founders? Responding to President Frank Page

Evangelism, Calvinism, and the SBC 

 I commented on this on our radio program today, you can HEAR IT HERE, (it will be avilable for streaming ro download after midnight).