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15 January, 2008 / theexpositor

One-on-One with Mark Driscoll

What is his heart for ministry? How does he respond to critics? John MacArthur contacted him recently; what was that about? These are a few of the topics I discussed recently with pastor and author Mark Driscoll in a interview taped at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. As usual, this interview is sure to generate discussion and we certainly welcome your comments. This is a portion of the audio from the video taped interview. We plan on making both formats available in their entirety soon.




  1. pastor j / Jan 15 2008 16 14

    mike, excellent job in interviewing mark driscoll. thank you for not being intimidated by critics who superficially criticize him without understanding his missionary methodology. it sounds like mark is totally orthodox in doctrine and practice, yet innovative in missionary methodolgy. yes, i’m, certain mark gets things wrong from time to time, as all pastors do, as all christians do. most people don’t know how missionaries operate on the field, because if they did they’d realize that there is flexibility, there is creativity, there is innovation — there has to be to communicate people who don’t understand truth in their worldview and lifestyle. mark seems to be taking the truth into a very secular, godless environment and doing so with grace and truth. i think his criticis should cut him some slack and worry about real problems in the evangelical world, such as joel osteen, brain mclaren, t.d. jakes, and others who clearly compromise doctrine and practice. i think history will show that mark driscoll simply worked as any missionary speaks and acts in their mission field. we could all learn a lot from mark’s willingness to grapple with questions of mission, while holding to the core doctrines and practices of the Christian faith.

  2. Dani / Jan 17 2008 1 17

    What a great interview Mike! I look forward to the dvd. Thank you!

  3. pastor j / Jan 17 2008 17 08

    an additional comment,
    seeking clarification

    did i hear mark driscoll say that he doesn’t respond to his critics because that only encourages them to criticize? i think i understand what he means, but i hope he’s not saying that he doesn’t listen to criticism, because if so, that would be arrogance. i’m sure he does listen to criticisms and i’ve heard him reply and even change in response to the legitimate ones. that’s the only honest way of dealing with criticism — check it out, see if it’s true, and if true, change, if untrue, don’t change.
    i know joel osteen teaches that he doesn’t respond to critics because he figures they are just jealous anyway. that’s wrong. osteen needs to listen to his critics and not only listen but repent in some areas. it’s the arrogant to say, “i never listen or respond to my critics. i just keep on doing what i’m supposed to do.” protestants don’t have a pope or hierarchy of authority. the only way they can be held accountable is to listen, reflect, pray over, and then respond to criticisms. if not, there there is no accountibility within protestantism.

  4. webb06 / Jan 20 2008 2 57

    Good Job Mike! Just right. I think Mark is growing in the Lord. Praise God!!!

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