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20 December, 2007 / theexpositor

A late word from Seattle….

Some of you have wondered if I was ever going to comment on my recent visit to Mars Hill Church in Seattle and the taped interview I did with Mark Driscoll. The fact is that for some strange reason I had an incredibly difficult time trying to access the internet. In fact the only reliable internet access I had the entire trip was while I was in the Mars Hill Church offices.

On a positive note though, not having the internet prevented me from focusing to much on blogging and allowed me to focus more on my wife Susanne, which was the way it should have been. We really enjoyed Seattle, Mars Hill, Mark Driscoll, A.J. Hamilton, Kaitlin, Kyle and everyone there.

I will be writing extensively on my meeting with Pastor Driscoll and I know already that some you will want to write me off completely. Well at least wait until you read what I write and what I say on the radio program before making up your minds.

More tomorrow, but meanwhile, here is a photo of Mark Driscoll and myself following the video shoot.



  1. johnMark / Dec 20 2007 17 59


    Something sounds fishy to me…the only reliable internet was at Mars Hill Church, huh? Sounds like someone got together with internet inventor Al Gore to control the Seattle area net waves. Is this a new church growth secret that will be revealed?


    I know a few guys who visited Mars Hill recently, but didn’t get to talk with Mark on that day. It will be interesting to hear what you talked about.


  2. Darren Sapp / Dec 21 2007 21 32

    It’s like a beauty contest!

  3. theexpositor / Dec 22 2007 14 15

    Yeah but who wins? :}

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