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13 December, 2007 / theexpositor

From the “DUH” department

Christian Leaders Say Popular Culture Behind Teen Violence the wake of the recent shootings in Colorado, which has sent shockwaves throughout the Christian community, many leaders are pointing to popular culture in an attempt to understand the driving factors behind teen violence.

Roberts Peters, president of Morality in Media, said the way violence is presented in the media today could explain some of the recent shootings by young people.

“Today, films and other media glamorize murder and revenge and present it in the most detailed, sadistic manner possible. More often than not, media also portrays religion in a negative light,” said Peters in a recent statement.



  1. Rick Frueh / Dec 15 2007 11 09

    And ultimately behind it all? The Devil. I know, a little unsophisticated and unsavory for the post modern palate, but true nonetheless.

    The thief comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy.

  2. just a mom / Dec 17 2007 19 15

    Please read last week’s WND article about the church shootings by Matthew Murray.

    “studied and practiced the teachings of Aleister Crowley/Thelema/The Golden Dawn, Qabbalah, H.P. Blavatsky/Theosophy, Manly P. Hall, Alice Bailey, and others.”

    Quite the satanic line-up. Music and media does play a huge part, but so do books.

    Alice Bailey has “influenced” many “christians” through her writings. People would not recognize her influence because why as a Christian would you read occultic New Age material? You would not. But… those that have read her books and are trying to warn others (for example Warren Smith) about the influence of Alice Bailey in today’s Emergent/Emerging, and purpose-driven Rick Warrenisms are ignored.

    Today’s culture is too busy to go to the back of a book and look into the index to see who has influenced the author’s writing.

    They are too lazy to look into quotes and language used by popular Emergent/ Emerging and Purpose Driven RW’s. When was the last time you heard of a pastor that repented and said from the pulpit, ” I have have mislead you by quoting the influence of the New Age Spirituality”.. $$$ making $$$ and being popular with the culture is more important than truth, no matter if you do “cloak” them in verses.

    We are dumbed down not knowing God’s word. We error because we do not know the scriptures.

    This influence is as old as the garden of Eden. What parents must do is train up their child in the way he should go. They should also be discerning about what their kids and teenagers read. They should speak out about the promotion of these authors in their local Christian book stores, and yes, in the materials used in their church youth groups.

    There are now thousands of Alice Bailey influenced authors.
    Satan is not dumb. He wants everyone.

    Here you go, research:

    and –
    I picked this article that speaks the truth in love:

    “Most people do not realize how significant she was in shaping the new world religion that we see surfacing today.”

    Stay in God’s word and be in prayer. May our children study and practice the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ so they have discernment.

  3. Brian Culver / Dec 22 2007 3 38

    I think you would be hard-pressed to not find the media guilty of adding to the problem of teen violence. They are also guilty of adding to teen sex and promiscuity. But the church has failed too. Without a healthy fear of God the youth (and adults) do not worry about the consequences of their actions. Too many people feel that all they have to do is say the magic words, “please forgive me,” and all is well in churchianity. Unless they see the need to repent of their sins, they will continue to follow the way of mainstream culture presented by the media. We really need to get God’s Word to them in a biblical way!

  4. John / Dec 28 2007 20 38

    Just want to echo Brian Culver’s thoughts. A friend of mine said , after the Columbine shooting where his sister attended,

    “They try to blame that on video games. They try to blame it on bad parenting. They try to blame it on t.v. violence and stuff. I think that all those things are bad but I think that the real problem is that mankind is dark and that without God people do things like that…”
    -Reese Roper

    Without God we are left to our own flesh and to the temptation of the devil. The cure isn’t stricter content control or a cleaner culture. The only answer is, and always has been, a saving relationship with the Creator through His son Christ Jesus. You cannot have a true relationship with the living God and not have a changed life! Maybe we should spend less time worrying about what culture is saying to our children and more about if our children truly have a saving relationship with God or are they fooling them selves with this get out of hell free card type theology that America is full of. Let us focus more on making sure the youth of this nation will not be counted among those talked about in Matthew 7:22-23. Scary to think about huh?

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