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11 December, 2007 / theexpositor

John Hagee says he believes Jesus IS Messiah

Pastor John Hagee says he miscommunicated his writings that claimed that Jesus is not the Messiah nor did He ever claim to be. Now he says that he did not clearly expalin his position.

The controversy came to light following the airing of a promo for his book “In Defense of Israel” in which ye says,

“It scripturally proves that the Jewish people, as a whole, did not reject Jesus as Messiah. It will also prove that Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah. It will prove that there was a Calvary conspiracy between Rome, the High Priest, and Herod to execute Jesus as an insurrectionist too dangerous to live. Since Jesus refused, by word and deed, to claim to be the Messiah, how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered?”

In a stament realesed through the website for Christians United for Israel, Hagee offers a clarification……

“I am writing to share with you some important news pertaining to my latest book In Defense of Israel. It has come to my attention that my choice of language and some of the interpretation being given that language in Chapter Ten has caused some confusion and actually led some readers to question whether I believe that Jesus is the Messiah. If people are reaching such a conclusion, then I have clearly failed to communicate my views as well as I should have.

I have decided to release a new edition of In Defense of Israel with an expanded Chapter Ten. The new version will make the same point as the prior one, but using language which cannot mislead anyone about my bedrock belief that Jesus was and is Lord, Savior and Messiah. “

Read Hagee’s entire statement HERE.

You can also listen to the commercial promo for the book In Defense of Israel, HERE.



  1. BoycottTBN / Dec 12 2007 22 31

    OMG…there is no end to this man’s audacity! People wake up! This is a highly intelligent man, he does not mince words….he’s been speaking virtually his entire life. He KNOWS how to communicate. This is just a ploy to get more people to buy his book and NOW his addendum book. It is all about money and greed!

    Hagee made over a million dollars in 2003 for working 16 hours a week at GETV (now name-changed to Grace Church). That does not count what he made off the congregation in tithes. He is grossly over paid and continues to demand money from his employees and his flock. It is mandatory that you tithe if you work for the ministry in any fashion. You cannot even volunteer anymore unless you belong to a cell. So much for free will.


    I went to this church for over 10 years. My cell leaders told me that I had cursed my children and lost my salvation when I told them that tithing was unscriptural. (See Dr. Russell Kelly’s book
    you can download it for free….it helped me a lot.

    He preaches the prosperity gospel which is twisted scripture and lies! All for money. His church is big business…go visit on any Sunday and you will see the MONEYCHANGERS all over the Narthex selling everything form his books, tapes, CD’s, jewelry, bibles, you name it!

    Please don’t think this is an innocent mistake…..Hagee knows exactly what he is doing.

    Run from this wolf in sheep’s clothing….


  2. Ken Silva / Dec 13 2007 22 30

    It appears John Hagee is playing word games. In my hand I have the release sent 12/06/07 from Hagee’s ministries, it says:

    “Jesus came first as the ‘Suffering Servant’ and men received Him into their hearts as Savior and Lord,

    ‘He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.’ (Isaiah 53:3)

    We now await His Second Coming in Revelation 19 as our ‘Returning Messiah’,… A reigning Messiah is one who ‘rules and reigns over a given people’; reigning Messiah’s [sic] do not die, they have to live to rule and reign.”

    Looks to me that what Hagee’s done is to fuse Christian theology together with Jewish theology in an attempt to find a compromise position. Unfortunately the Resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead blows it up.

  3. john chiarello / Dec 17 2007 1 01

    I have dealt with both ‘tithing’ and the wrong ‘defense of Israel’ type stuff that Hagee teaches on my blog You can find some of it under ‘messianic/jewish/gentile stuff’ as well as thru out the whole site. I do broadcast [radio] and ‘blog’ into Hagees city [San Antonio] regularly, hopefully will bring some insight to the believers in his area.

  4. johnMark / Dec 20 2007 18 01

    In the few times I’ve listened to Hagee on TV my impression is not that he focuses on Jesus Christ, rather he focuses on modern day Israel. The center of all biblical revelation seems to be Israel.

    Just my opinion from what I’ve seen and heard.


  5. R Lucas / Dec 24 2007 7 24

    Judge not lest you be judged. Be careful not to judge a man too quickly. Jesus said in the same way YOU JUDGE, YOU WILL BE JUDGED. I most certainly do not want to be condemned by what could very well be a misunderstanding, do you? Personally, I have not read chapter 10 of his book. But his letter seems to clarify what is actually biblical: Jesus never claimed to come the first time to reign on the earth and free Israel. He will return as such, but during his first time appearance his claims were simply to be the Son of God, Savior of the world. Hagees statements, although hazy, i agree, actually mean this: Jesus never claimed to *fulfill* his identity as *the messiah who would reign on the earth and free the jews* during his physical life on earth. Unfortunately, Hagee puts it in an unclear manner, saying merely: Jesus never claimed to be the reigning messiah while on earth.

    • Truth Matters / Aug 13 2011 21 12

      If you will take this passage out of context are you sure you know what being Biblical is?

  6. Kitty / Dec 28 2007 8 57

    Hagee picks the New Testament scriptures that he can twist around to support his transferrence of His love for his Savior to love for Israel. He really goes by the Old Testament, not the New one.

    His labeling of the Replacement Theory as anti-Semitism is just his attempt to delegitimize the Replacement stance.
    His accusation that those who believe in the Replacement Theory hate Jews is unfounded. The replacement of Jesus-rejecting Jews by Jesus-loving Jews and Gentiles, does not mean that Jews are the object of hatred. It just clarifies where they stand, which is, in need of the Savior, Jesus. If and when they recieve Jesus, they are immediately grafted back into the vine.

    He leaves out the teachings of Jesus, the love Jesus has for all men of every race, and he avoids preaching the Gospel to the Jews. Jesus preached the Gospel to the Jews, and tells us to preach it in all the world to every creature, which would also include Arabs and Palestinians. I really don’t think that Hagee knows the character of Jesus very well at all.

  7. Jesse / Jan 3 2008 11 04

    John Hagee very well may be the link, who will cause the Jews to shift their gaze a little, and the AntiChrist will come more & more into view, causing them to be deceived, and accept this Man of Sin as their awaited coming Messiah……

    It would be wise to consider this statement:
    “All Roads Lead to Rome”!

  8. earthless / Jan 21 2008 17 23

    This man is not dumb nor does he have a learning disability… he did not simply make a mistake. How can any Christian speak the words he did in that initial book promo and not realize exactly what he was saying.

    My thought is that he didn’t expect there to be such an uproar from concerned believers.

    The other problem is how his latest reprieve does not detract from his severely problematic stances on eschatology and on how Jews do not need to be born-again.

  9. )G. Maiden / Jan 23 2008 0 18

    There has always been an identity crisis concerning Jesus as possibly being both the Messiah ben Joseph (Suffering, humble Messiah) and Messiah ben David (King Jesus).

    This duel concept of Messiah was obviously a point of contention throughout the time frame of the inspiration and writing of New Covenant scriptures. (John 12 Who is this Son of Man?) An inability to understand that it is humility which produces kings in the Kingdom of God has perverted the real identity of the reigning Jesus the Messiah.

    Some would agree that even John the Baptist, who introduced Jesus as the Lamb of God i.e. the suffering Messiah, questioned whether or not Jesus was the one to come (Kingly Messiah) or is there another. Jesus answered John’s question by relating His Kingly present tense Messiah role…healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, etc.

    It is authority over death which qualifies Him as the Kingly Messiah.

    Jesus has already come as King of Israel at His resurrection. Not only as King over Israel but over everything in heaven, in the earth and under the earth.

    Jews, like every human being must now accept Jesus as Messiah. We are not waiting on anything from heaven. We now have everything pertaining to life and must choose life.

    Messiah means anointed one. The anointing is simply a relationship with our God who is the anointing. God anointed Jesus, therefore God is the anointing. Jesus in His humanity was one (anointed) with God by covenant agreement. In the same way Jesus the Messiah related with God we are to demonstrate victory over sin and death.

    The “future Messiah concept”, instead of a present tense reality of the Kingdom of God, has become a catalyst to death. Jesus will literally appear, not to “fix” anything or anybody, but to enjoy saints who have overcome because He has already come to them. Jesus the Messiah and His Kingdom is AT HAND.

    The best gesture Pastor John Hagee or anyone for that matter can offer to Israel and the world is to demonstrate the present tense Jesus the Messiah in His victory over death.

    I love you John Hagee. Rise, take up your bed and walk.

  10. PClark / Jan 23 2008 2 29

    Many people misunderstand the “manifest sons of God” concept. We move from no understanding of faith to “a measure of faith” and then from “faith to [greater] faith.” This faith has manifestation via the Anointing. God “rubs His essence” into us and it sinks in. How can we not expect things to change, even supernaturally if we are open to the Holy Spirit? It is Christ in us – the hope of glory. I agree with Mr. Maiden above that Jesus is Lord over all and He invites us into His Kingdom reign, which is humbling indeed if you can perceive it through His eyes. I have listened to Pastor Hagee over the years and long enough to know that he is not rejecting Jesus as the Messiah as some leaders have implied. He wins souls, he promotes righteousness, and the authority of God and His Word. I can believe that he made an error that needs to be corrected but I certainly do think it is SIN when people want to destroy and humiliate and write off fellow humans, and even ministers, that Jesus came to die for. Many try to focus on the speck and miss the log covering their whole eye! As for his relating to modern day Israel, well, isn’t that God’s will??? Some like the “safety” of a historic gospel, but isn’t God still at work and on the Throne? If He visited again today as the Son of Man, that is exactly where He would be! It’s expensive to do television and I cannot answer for another man’s conscience on his fundraising techniques. If it bothers me, I just leave it. And I may make a comment to point out something, but I don’t answer for them, just for me. Well known evangelizing ministers who cause their message to reach the ends of the earth as commanded (and even the apostle Paul called it “my gospel”), have to be constantly on top of the finances. Their tent making is often writing and speaking. They also attract a following who is interested in their materials. But only their hearts in the Spirit can answer to God about if they are doing it right. I don’t know one soul, including ministers, who does not struggle with finances at times in their lives, just as we struggle in many others ways too. We do the best we can with what we have (not what we haven’t). This is why we are CALLED to compassionate and redeeming – IF we are His! Remember, the ones who used their talents to increase were called blessed. A true judge will see ALL sides to the story and then they have to be elected or appointed into their positions if they are legal or official judges. Even in America we have juries of peers because they have similar understandings. It is Christ in us seeking for us to govern ourselves through Him and only in His Spirit will it all make sense! Since this is a Spiritual issue and not a domestic one, it is Pastor Hagee’s peers who should advise or censor him if that is needed. It was his peers who provoked him to take the actions that he did. So should we not seek mercy?

  11. Josh / Jan 24 2008 22 42

    Great post. You may be interested in this too:

  12. fred neal / Jul 11 2008 0 18

    first of all, anyone who would make a statement that hagee preaches from the old testiment and not the old is hogwash. any true christian knows that the old testiment is the backdrop for the new testiment. just as an artist sometimes uses a canvas as a backdrop for his work, the old testiment is the cancas in which the new was added. we could not have the new without the old. many think that all the need is the new testiment. wrong. how can one understand exactly what jesus fulfilled if he does not read about it. i love my bible and i would not concider ommiting any part of it. i take as much in and out of what paul, moses,isaiah or any other writer says. the words in red are very important, but they are not all there is to the bible

  13. Mark Padiernos / Jan 14 2009 2 44

    First of all I just want to say that in agreement with fred, the Old Testament or the law is a backdrop, or as the bible would call it, a shadow of things to come, you don’t believe me, read it up (Colossians 10:1) The Greek word for shadow is “skia” in which one of the meanings is “a sketch, or an outline”. Jesus Christ fills that outline since He did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill (Matthew 5:17). Please keep in mind, everything written in the past were written for our learning (Romans 15:4). So please lets not bring up any argument trying to discount the Old Testament because, by the way, all of the New Testament writers quoted most of their material from the Old Testament. Come on people read your Bibles.

    Now, as I recall in the Word of God, David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). David warned against those who would try to touch the Lord’s anointed (2 Samuel 1:16). Now do any of you understand the consequences for publically trying to murder a man’s reputation who may actually be one of the Lord’s anointed? God’s Word does not come back void people. There are consequences for touching the Lord’s anointed.

    The Bible speaks that you shall know them by their fruits. Has Pastor John Hagee spoke of anything that does not line up with scripture?
    From what I understand it is biblical that we are supposed to tithe (Malachi 3:8). Do we actually want to rob God? Also do you want to miss out on your blessing? (Luke 6:38) By refusing to tithe, you’re only cursing yourself. The reason why some of you are still broke, is because you don’t tithe, straight up.

    Also from what I understand in the Bible, we should honor Israel, afterall, our Messiah, Lord and Savior Christ Jesus did come out of Israel. You know if you look at the geneology of Jesus, you’ll be able to see that His lineage traces all the way back to Israel. Also it does say in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curse you…”, in this passage, God was speaking to Abraham who is the grandfather of…guess who…Israel!!!!!!
    By blessing Israel and honoring them, we can expect a blessing. John Hagee was just doing what the Word says or in case if any of you forgot, doing what Jesus said. Remember John 1:1,14, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…and the Word became flesh…”. So guess who the Word is…that’s right….it’s Jesus Christ.

    So by hearing the Word and doing the Word, John Hagee is excercising his faith. And anyone who is a good disciple and reads His Word will know that the just shall live by faith.

    Also, regarding John Hagee being rich…I have a question to ask you all, was David rich? Was Abraham rich? Was Joseph rich? Solomon? Why is it so hard for someone to believe that a Christian can be blessed beyond measure? The Bible says we will be the head and not the tail…we will be lenders not borrowers…the wealth of the wicked shall be laid up for the just. It’s very simple….Deut 28…if you’re obedient you’ll be blessed, if you’re disobedient you’ll be cursed.

    Jesus said to Peter when he asked Jesus what John would do…all Jesus said was, “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.”(John 21:22). To many people are too busy criticizing others instead of just following Jesus. Listen, if something is an invention of man and not of God, it will not stand the test of time, but if you’re fighting against something or someone who God has established…brother, you’re fighting against God Himself (Acts 5:38-39).

    I say this with love, if you don’t have your facts straight and you haven’t consulted with God on the matter…Shut up! Because by your words, you’ll only condemn yourself. God Bless you all.

  14. Enos Anene / Feb 11 2009 11 13

    I am touched by the gospel of Truth being preached by Hagee. May God bless all those who have come to the defend of the man of God. Let us not wever by heresies of non belivers who constantly deny Our Lord Jesus Christ pretending that they love Him( Christ) yet by their words they crucify christ, such are doomed for ever but i pray that the good lord may open their eyes and come to receive this great salvation and forgiveness of sin.God bless

  15. Norma Hughes / Aug 17 2009 20 44

    Mr. Hagee,
    In recent discussions, we have discovered a ministry by Oprah Winfrey. The New Age Church! What are your views on this “Re-thinking”.
    Norma Hughes

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