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07 December, 2007 / theexpositor

Puritan Preaching and Conscionable Hearing

By Dr. Derek Thomas, Reformation21

…the (soon to be) Westminster divine, Richard Heyrick, modestly told his parishioners that “heaven itself cannot show forth a more excellent creature than a faithful preacher.”

The history of preaching is currently receiving significant attention. Hughes Oliphant Old has published six volumes in a magisterial study of the subject from the biblical period to the present.1 Early seventeenth-century preaching has received significant attention in the doctoral work of Arnold C. Hunt[2] as well as the older studies by Paul Seaver[3] and Horton Davies[4], and the preaching of puritans has earned an almost endless number of historical treatments, too many to mention here.[5] These studies of Christian preaching are profoundly useful and some are comprehensive in nature.

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