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05 December, 2007 / theexpositor

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Unity

“It is being said that the chief need of the Church today is to repent because of its ‘lack of unity’… we would suggest that before she repents of her disunity, she must repent of her apostasy. She must repent of her perversion of, and substitutes for, ‘the faith once delivered to the saints.’ She must repent of setting up her own thinking and methods over against the divine revelation in Holy Scripture. Here lies the reason for her lack of spiritual power and inability to deliver a living message in the power of the Holy Ghost to a world ready to perish.”

-Matin Lloyd Jones, given at the annual meeting of the Inter-Varsity Fellowship in 1954

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  1. themayflower2 / Dec 10 2007 19 48

    I have recently read Martyn Llyod-Jones’ book titled:
    “Authentic Christianity”.
    Please take a fresh read on a study of the Acts church. I keep recommending this to other believers who are concerned how we have strayed from the Biblical understanding of what true faith, and the fruits that came from that are as opposed to today’s current easy believism and the fruits that come from that.

    Enjoy the meat!

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