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28 November, 2007 / theexpositor

Christmas Dramas

Here is excellent post from Nathan White at Strange Baptist Fire addressing Christmas dramas and their relevance to ministry. Here’s an excerpt……

“To break it down in practical terms:

    • *What can be better for our souls than the preached Word?
    • *What can be better for those outside of Christ than the clear proclamation of the gospel through the preached Word?
    • *If preaching was completely sufficient to minister and save in scripture, who are we to say that it is now supplemented, at times, by better things? Has market research replaced biblical revelation?

Sadly, some believe that drama in certain situations is better for the soul than the very means which God has given us in His word. By implication, God simply left something out. By implication, the preached word, the Lord’s Table, prayer, singing of Psalms and Hymns, and baptism are insufficient for the Christian to grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. By implication, instead of the preaching of the Word bringing about faith in the unbeliever (Rom 10:14), the gospel must somehow be communicated through another media which is at times superior to the preaching of the Word.”

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