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13 November, 2007 / theexpositor

The John Hagee Controversy

I have received numerous emails over the last week or so regarding a controversy ongoing concerning John Hagee. The San Antonio, Texas based pastor and founder of a large television and radio ministry has been cited recently as making claims in his current book In Defense of Israel that Jesus did not claim to be God’s Messiah for the Jewish people. It has long been said by some that Hagee also promotes “duel covenant theology”, a belief which teaches that Jews can go to heaven simply by keeping the Law of Moses and that conversion to Christianity is not necessary. Hagee however has denied belief in dual-covenant theology, stating so in an official statement to the Jerusalem Post on March 1, 2006.

Another concern of many is the association Hagee has with promoters of the Word of Faith movement. Hagee has had relationships with such notables as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis and others, even allowing them in the pulpit at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio where Hagee is pastor, and appearing on numerous television broadcasts as well.

For the sake of full disclosure, I want it to be known that I have had a working relationship with John Hagee Ministries since 2004, as Hagee’s daily radio program airs on our station WQBC AM.

Needless to say, I am greatly upset by statements attributed to Rev. Hagee, and I have contacted John Hagee Ministries for a response, and I have invited Hagee to come on our daily radio program to discuss the issue. A representative with the ministry said that Pastor Hagee was not immediately available, but they would relay my requests on to him, including my request for an interview.

While I will wait to get a direct response from John Hagee before I elaborate on these issues, I will go on the record as stating that the comments attributed to Hagee disturb me greatly and are very serious.  I want to know more.

I will post details here as they become available. Below is a commercial promoting the book  and specifically the statement by Hagee mentioned above.



  1. digtheheavy / Nov 13 2007 1 59

    He clearly state, “Jesus did not come to earth to be Messiah,” opening the door to usher in a false one in my opinion.

  2. Daniel / Nov 13 2007 3 00

    something always didn’t seem right about this guy

  3. Sam / Nov 13 2007 23 02


    I’m a little surprised you’d be shocked at anything coming from Hagee. His abuse of ministry income and extravagant lifestyle is enough to see the fruit in this guy is no fruit at all – he is a thorn bush.


  4. "Lee N. Field" / Nov 14 2007 13 25

    I’ve seen book reviews around the Net that say that Hagee says the same thing in his book.

    I’ve poked around the web site, and didn’t find anything one way or another on this.

    My understanding is that he is pastor of a nondenominational church that he founded. There’s probably noone who can bring him to account.

    Defiantly something that should be gotten to the bottom of.

    (John Hagee is one of those people I’ve mostly ignored in the past. They played some of his stuff in my Sunday School class a couple months ago. I was not impressed. Strait up classic dispensationalism, all about Israel, a bit of the “God wants you prosperous”, and no discernible gospel in the tape we watched.)

  5. Jenkins / Nov 14 2007 18 44

    John 4:25-26 states clearly that Jesus was the Messiah,

    “25The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”
    26Then Jesus declared, “I who speak to you am he.”

    I don’t know what John Hagee is trying to do, but the brother needs to spend more time in the Word!

  6. theexpositor / Nov 14 2007 19 09

    Shocked, but sadly not surprised. Upset may have been a better word to use.

  7. Laura Raby / Nov 14 2007 22 20

    I have to say that I am heartbroken. I have supported John Hagee for years and years; am currently a Salt Covenant Partner and used to listen to every single sermon he preached – most of them twice! He always seemed to me to be the one true voice crying out for repentence for America and for morality. Imagine my unbelief and disappointment when I inadvertently discovered that he had been married before his current wife, Diana; and that he had left his wife and children ages 3 and 6 to marry her. I am so confused, let down and depressed. The last straw is his stand on salvation for Jews. I still have no idea about his extravagant lifestyle; haven’t heard about that. But he is on the ORU Board of Regents and I’m surprise that he hasn’t been part of the lawsuit by Grassley. This has devestated so many Christians, and I’m one of them.

  8. Sergei / Nov 15 2007 9 39
  9. Douglas / Nov 15 2007 10 28

    I think John Hagee has been proclaiming false doctrine in one way or another for many years.



    “Christians have listened for many years to the preaching of John Hagee, senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Hagee attended Trinity University on a football scholarship, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree before earning his master’s at North Texas State University. He also studied at Southwestern Bible College and was granted an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University.’
    Continued here:



    A SUMMARY CRITIQUE: Beginning of the End

    by John Hagee

    “Pastor John Hagees recent book Beginning of the End has hovered near the top of the religious bestseller list for several months. The reason for its success can largely be explained by the fact that he deals with a popular subject, endtime prophecy, in an interesting manner. The book is sort of a Late Great Planet Earth for the nineties.

    In this 196-page book, Hagee draws on his extensive knowledge of modern-day Israel to argue that current events there are leading to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. He sets forth the thesis that the death of Yitzhak Rabin will move the nation of Israel toward a peace that will initiate the rise of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation.”
    Continued here:

    by G. Richard Fisher

    “An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; And my people love to have it so. But what will you do in the end?” (Jeremiah 5:30-31).

    “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek” (Romans 1:16).

    Most people who see and hear the Rev. John C. Hagee are impressed. He is rotund, strident, authoritative (and could well pass for Rush Limbaugh’s older and more serious brother). His delivery alone gives the impression of one who really knows what he is talking about. However, careful evaluation of the teachings of Hagee, pastor at the San Antonio-based Cornerstone Church, reveals false teaching and a defective view of a basic and essential issue regarding salvation and the Gospel. Hagee preaches another way of salvation for the Jew, which is in direct violation of Paul’s warnings in Galatians 1:6-9.”
    Continue here:

  10. Ken Silva / Nov 15 2007 19 11

    These articles below will also be helpful and show that John Hagee has been teaching dual covenant theology, while denying that he does, for many years.

    John Hagee believes people of Jewish origin do not need to accept Jesus as their Messiah because they are saved by their adherance to the Torah. Hagee claims Jesus did not claim to be THEIR Messiah so they didn’t reject Him, but rather, He rejected their concept of Messiah.

    This is partially true; Jesus said He didn’t come as the king they wanted to overthrow the Roman government, but He most assuredly did claim to be the Messiah–and there is only ONE:

    But He kept silent and did not answer Again the high priest was questioning Him, and saying to Him, “Are You the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?” And Jesus said, “I am; and you shall see THE SON OF MAN SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER, and COMING WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN.” (Mark 14:61-62)

    John Hagee Denies That Christ (means Messiah) Jesus is the…Messiah!

    Jesus Teaches He is the Christ but John Hagee Says the Master is Mistaken

  11. Big Todd / Nov 17 2007 12 36

    Hagee is one of the many preachers recruited by the global elitist who are trying to usher in the new world order.

  12. Justin / Nov 21 2007 17 02

    I read the Jerusalem Post article where Hagee flatly denied that he believed in “dual covenant” theology. Still, when listening to his preaching, it makes me wonder. There is so little about heaven in his message, its all about forcefully creating a neo-Judaic political utopia here on earth.

    The problem is bigger than Hagee because that political theology has filtered into Christianity at large. Ironically, they demonize the “replacement theology” of historical denominations, while at the same time teach something that is very close to “dual covenant” (as if one is better than the other) AND advocate giving political preferences to one ethnicity and creating 2nd class citizens out of another.

    As someone who grew up in a home where our understanding of the world was dictated by end times preaching, I have seen evangelicals exalt and acquiesce to the words of prophecy preachers far more than the Catholics do the pope.

    Now that the political (and carnal) state of Israel has replaced the resurrection as the central point of history, the door is wide open for just about any dangerous idea.

  13. terry / Nov 21 2007 17 28

    John Hagee has obviously believed this heresy for years and now wants to use his international platform for the “real John Hagee to stand up”.

  14. Sheri / Dec 2 2007 4 29

    In defense of John Hagee-

    While Jesus did reveal himself to the woman at the well as “the Christ, the annointed One”, one must remember, she was not a Jew but a Gentile! Understand that he came first to fulfill his role as sacrifical lamb (WORLD atonement for sin FIRST! -desperately needed before the Father could AGAIN have relationship with his fallen creation- man), but not yet as the Messiah, King and ruler (let’s face it- He DID NOT assume Kingship at this point). Further strength is given to this point in Acts, at the time of his ascension (He’s LEAVING the planet, mind you!)- the question burning in every JEWISH heart is “Is it now that the kingdom will be restored to Israel?” ** Did He harshly rebuke them for their lack of understanding here , as some theologians would have you think? No! He merely informed them that the Father had already pre-determined the time when the kingdom would indeed be restored to the nation of Israel. The fact of the matter is that the Kingdom will be returned to the Jewish people & the greater Son of David their King for a millenial reign of 1,ooo years! The Jewish people have this promise and are waiting for it. It’s just that, God love them, they don’t know it’s King Jesus i.e. “Yashua” they are waiting for. It says in Zechariah that the Jewish people will run to him when He splits with his feet, the Mt. of Olives- and why will they run to him? It says to check his hands and feet for scars! And another place it says “those who are His at His COMING!”

    Christianity thinks they have it all figured out!!!! Think Again!!!! Read Again!!!!!

    I’m not positive what John Hagee understands about all of this but, he’s not as “Off base” as you deem him to be…..

    **Read Genesis 49 to understand that the tribe of Judah would retain the scepter of kingship over the kingdom of Israel, which, of course, all Jews know and understand. (It’s Christianity who has missed this!) Overall, Ch. 49 details the patriarch Jacob’s prophecies over his 12 sons of what would befall not them, but their descendants in the FUTURE.

    Bottom Line:
    At His first Coming: He fulfilled the role of sacrifical lamb to atone for the sin of all mankind- He did not fulfill the role of earthly King of Israel at that time…

    At His Second Coming: He will fulfill the role of the King of Israel, as well as the whole world, Messiah****, during His millenial reign ove rthe entire earth….

    ****Why do you think that it is He who will intervene at Armageddon on behalf of Israel and slay all her enemies?

  15. Ed / Dec 6 2007 0 25

    Jesus did not die for gentiles as gentiles had no sacrificial system thus the term paschal lamb had no meaning for gentiles. Jesus died for the Jews, however it doesn’t end there we as gentiles are grafted in if we accept him and the redemption offered. Read the book we are to become one new man in Christ, and we are far from it!

  16. Christine / Dec 15 2007 21 48

    The one thing Jesus repeated often in the Olivet Discourse, and this is also repeatdly warned of throughout the New Testament is DECPTION!

    Unles we are anchored in the WORD, how will we not stray into, say prosperty preaching. Christians in the third world countries must have a hard time with this message, and don’t think that some missionaries are not teaching this, some are!!

    Watch the doctine of demons all over TV chistian chanels.

    I am harsh because I was brought up in a cult-mormonism. I felt the Burning in the Bosm. Many of my loved ones died in this cult, that is built on works. There is no BLOOD of Christ, and absoloutly no Cross.

    So I look and double check man’s words with God’s words. I do not wand to be DECIVED againb.

    In the Old Testament, all that has happened to Israel was prophecied by the Prophets!!!! It all happened, including their return and the Nation of Israel being born in a Day.

    Keep to Gods word, read it so often that you can quote it like people do popular songs. Never put Gods word down and NEVER look to a MEER MAN.

    Every man of God is to POINT TO JESUS . If the DECEPTION of Hagee has destressed you, Please I beseech you, look to Jesus, Who Died for me and you, not a Mere man.

    I feel sorrow for Hagee’s deceptipon. If you love Israel as I know he does, and I know I do, then we have to tell them the truth.

    Being told the truth of what happened in the mormon temple helped me to cut the ties from the mormon church, to realize the burning in the bosom was of the devil!!!.

    God bless you, and stay in the WORD>

  17. Bea / Dec 29 2007 16 04

    I enjoyed Michael’s article and appreciate his comments on the situation. My husband and I were not made aware of the controversy surrounding Pastor Hagee’s book until only recently. We were searching the internet to see if Hagee had made any sort of public response when we came across this site. While reading some of the responses of others, I kept thinking about another article that I read regarding the controversy and thought it might be of interest to some:

    It is an article by a man whose ministry differs greatly from that of John Hagee, however, I think his point of view of the situation is priceless and a good model for other Christians to follow.

  18. Donna Chance / Jan 2 2008 1 30

    I am so upset by this and shocked that someone with this much national exposure in the Body of Christ would openly and boldly dispute the word of God in such and arrogant fashion. I was already upset by Joel Osteen seemingly saying that Mormans are Christians concerning Mitt Romney on Fox News Chris Wallace show and now this (Although I do believe Mr.Osteen’s mistake is out of an almost inate ability to flub up an interview by not wanting to seem to harsh.)

    Both of these men are two exact opposite ends of the pendulum one being to easy and the other to hard. But, both trying to please man rather than God. Its like the mushy gushy mom and the controling judgemental dad, the kids in those marriages get all messed up. It almost seems John Hagee is excited about it though. I have alway had a problem with his lack of mercy when correcting things about the church that truly needed correction. He does it in a way that smacks of bitterness and harsh judgement instead of it being restorative. His extreme control over his children and in insisting they do things to fit his ministry plans rather than Gods calling is obvious to everyone and was also very troubling. That shows a real problem with control. What is happening here. Why are so many leaving just the basic doctrines of Christianity like these two and Carlton Pearson even. Shouldn’t someone call a summit for all denominations to agree on the basic tenents of Christianity. What is in store for our young people if we don’t straighten all this out.

  19. pearl / Jan 6 2008 23 48

    I agree with Bea the response to the Hagee controversy is handled well by
    morning star ministries.
    I too appreciate their handling of this very serious matter in a biblical way.I would also encourage people to read this article.

  20. John P. Crowder / Mar 10 2008 22 29

    It is about time that people woke up to what the despicable John Hagee is really about. Hagee has basically thrown down and trampled much of the New Testament teaching concerning the Law of Moses and the new covenant in Jesus Christ. There is no way anyone can read through the New Testament book of Hebrews and come away with the wild concepts entertained by John Hagee concerning the status of the Jews in the current dispensation, namely the CHRISTIAN dispensation–the one in which we live today!

    Paul said it succinctly when he declared, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” (Romans 1: 16).

    Hagee indeed IS a proponent of the heretical “dual covenant” theology. He is an embarrassment who needs to be roundly repudiated by those who entertain sound scriptural views concerning the true covenant relationship offered through the gospel of Jesus Christ to BOTH Jew and Gentile!

  21. Steve / Jul 28 2010 14 33

    The discussion at hand is ————- did Jesus claim — to be God’s Messiah for the Jewish people ?


    NOWHERE in the New Testament, will you find the word Messiah.
    The word Messiah is NOT in the New Testament.

    NOWERE in the New Testament, will you find any Red Lettered scripture(s) or text, where Jesus uses the word Messiah.

    The word Messiah only appears twice in the Bible.
    The word Messiah does not appear in the New Testament.
    The word Messiah only appears twice (2 times) in the Old Testament.
    The word Messiah only appears in one book in the Old Testament.
    The word Messiah only appears in two adjacent scriptures, in the Book of Daniel.

    The word Messiah only appears in Daniel 9:25 and 9:26.


    A person could make the argument that all scripture is inspired of God, and that Jesus is the Word. Ergo — Jesus spoke through Daniel.

    At the same time —- myseff — being not all the great at deciphering many details of prophetic scripture — I would have to also figure that when Daniel spoke or prophesied — that he spoke of the Jews in these two scriptures.

    SO — in these 2 scriptures — some people might more or less be trying to say, that when Daniel (ergo Jesus) spoke, that Jesus herein claimed to be the Messiah of the Jews. ———- But —— you might want to read these scriptures for yourself.

    On the other hand —- when we quote a scripture from a book that Paul wrote — you will often hear a pastor or layman say — listen to the ‘ words of Paul ‘.

    Along these lines —– no doubt many people would describe these scriptures in Daniel, as Daniel prophesying about the Messiah. Ergo — these are the words of Daniel — albeit, inspired by God — they are none the less typically described as, the words of Daniel.


    Another point to be made (and no small point) — is that one could also say, that while Jesus was here in bodily form (as we humans have) — that is — from the time of his birth to Mary, to the time after the crucifixtion where he ascended — there is no recorded text regarding this period, where Jesus used the word Messiah —– NONE.

    Get out an exhaustive King James concordance — and look it up yourself.


    So what am I to do with all of this?
    As to myself —- I will continue to watch John Hagee on T.V.
    I like the guy and think he has something good to say.

    • Peter / Sep 25 2010 18 25

      Steve: I don’t know if this will have any point, as I don’t know where to start with the KJVists… My main language is not English, and my Swedish Bibles (including the few ones that use Textus Receptus, if that bothers you) use “Messiah”.

      But the main point is that even the Evangelists agree that Christ = Messiah.

      “Joh 1:41 He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ. ”

      And you’d think Paul and the others would be a BIT more clear in explaining to the congregations about the dual covenants and how Jesus is Christ in different ways to different people. But, he doesn’t. Instead, he says:

      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:28, KJV)

      Note: I’m not a total replacement theologian – I’m an olive tree theologian.

  22. brightsorcerer / Jul 23 2011 4 58

    Perhaps I’m dense but it is generally accepted that if a person identifies themselves as a “Christian”, they are following the teachings and example of Christ. I do not recall any place where Christ ever mentioned that we must honor the Jews as being superior in any way. I do recall, however, his intense distaste for the Pharisees and numerous warnings about false prophets. Additionally, while on the subject of Christ… did He not say that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven? Mat. 7: 16-23 – I find no love in his words, but rather exactly the opposite. I find it impossible to believe that Christ, if He were here, would nod and smile at Mr. Hagee and tell him, “Well done , thou good and faithful servant.” Christ taught tolerance, equality and compassion for ALL people. IMHO, Mr. Hagee has replaced Christ with Israel as his “god” and, in so doing, has become a major stumbling block for many young Christians. He is one of the false prophets that we have been warned about in the Bible.

    Christian means to follow Christ’s teachings, words and example – not worship Israel as their “god”.

  23. Jeffrey Hardin / Aug 1 2011 0 58

    My family supported Mr Hagee for many years and purchased many a book of his till around 4 or 5 years ago after his angry tirade over Tithing. Hagee also had an adulterous affair with a woman from his congregation who was much younger than he was and un-biblically remarried to her. In 2001 he received $842.000 salary and $414.000 in benefits, owns a 2.1 million home on 7.969 acre ranch, with not one but 5 lodges (?), a managers house, gun lockers, a skeet range, smoke house, three barns…Benny Hinn, Swaggart, Jim & Tammy, Warren, Osteen, and a whole host of other Televangelist are the cause already for the mistrust of the Church and we are seeing fewer converts because of it. Hagee should have had to step down after his adulterous affair. Forgiveness most certainly, but he should have stepped down, or given a small parish not a 2.1 million Home and 7969 acre ranch?

  24. Jeffrey Hardin / Aug 1 2011 1 15

    I am troubled by something and I need help desperately with. I have the threat of loosing friends over this and unfortunately I cannot back down, I just cannot…There are many who are flocking over Glenn Beck and see him as much more than I even dare and I have reason to believe his trip to Israel has underlining purposes other than what he is stating. They see his Mormonism as a small bump in the road where I see a huge divide. They say he teaches from the Holy Bible, yet, I have never seen it and they cannot tell me when or where. He has lashed out at God fearing Christians for questioning him and he lied in the process to defend himself. He has close ties to Hagee and has things come to light that shows major fractures in his personal journey and though I don’t push the point, I’m being told to look past it because of the good he does, that good things by good people are the works of God. I know for a fact hat’s not true, people will do good things to deceive their underlining cause.
    Do any of you have a take on this or have heard anything that might help me. I can’t walk away from it, because I feel it will devastate a lot of folks down the line and I am one against so many. I don’t see any good in this guy?

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