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05 November, 2007 / theexpositor

Yes, Robert Schuller Really Said Those Things and Yes, People Who Should Know Better Are Going To Speak For His Conference

by Brannon Howse, Christian Worldview Network

Why would these evangelicals run to speak for Robert Schuller at his church, the Crystal Catherdal? Why would these evangelicals share the platform with emergent church leaders?

Many emergent church pastors have no problem with abortion and gay-marriage. Many emergent pastors embrace socialism and question, if not outright deny, essential Christian doctrines.

The only reason for some of these very popular evangelicals to speak at Schuller’s conference is to call Schuller, and his emergent guests, to repent and return to sound doctrine. I for one will be listening to see if that is why they are lending their name and that of their organizations to this event. I pray they are not going to this conference to give validity and credibility to Schuller’s heresy and that of the emergent church.



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  1. Douglas / Nov 7 2007 9 30

    My wife and I are listening to this:

    “This Crosstalk takes a fresh look at the New Age/New Spirituality concepts that are becoming prevalent in Christianity. Speaking on this topic is Warren Smith, author of the book, Deceived on Purpose–The New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Church.

    Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral will be hosting a conference from January 17-19 called, “Rethink”. The difficulty that Warren has with this conference centers around Schuller’s proven embracing of New Age theology. Warren takes this position, in part, from research that he conducted confirming that Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral was hosting groups that were studying a popular New Age course called, A Course in Miracles, in the 1980’s.

    Ingrid and Warren point out that in addition to leaders in the New Age/New Spirituality movement, popular evangelical leaders are also scheduled to be in attendance at the Rethink conference. They include: Jay Sekulow, Charles Colson, Kay Warren, Lee Strobel and others.”

    Sad, very very sad, imo.

    Mark Driscoll has even joined hands with Robert Schuller and promotes him:

    Lunch with the Schullers at the Crystal Cathedral
    Author: Mark Driscoll

    No rebuke or reproof of Schuller’s heretical false teachings from Mark Driscoll, not a hint. In my opinion, there was a lot of flattering going on.

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