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03 November, 2007 / theexpositor

Cross of Christ Conference

The opening of The Cross of Christ Conference, a Ligonier Ministries regional event, got underway Friday evening, with Dr. R.C. Sproul taking questions from conference attendees.

Walking with a cane due to a recent surgery, Dr. Sproul addressed questions dealing with a myriad of topics including justification by faith, whether a belief in the inerrancy of Scripture is a requirement for salvation, falling away of believers and of course election.

Earlier that day, I had the honor of meeting and interviewing Dr. Steven Lawson, pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Lawson and I talked about the conference and addressed the resurgence of Reformed Theology and the ongoing Calvinism/Arminianism debate. After the broadcast, Dr. Lawson and I had the opportunity for a photo.



  1. Daniel / Nov 3 2007 15 35

    cool! i have The Expository Genius of John Calvin, great book. grace and peace.

  2. Douglas / Nov 3 2007 23 09

    That is a really nice photo Mike. The light is sparkling in the eyes of both of you and good news nourishes the bones, eh? Be nice to see a photo of you and R. C. as well. My wife and I have just been listening to R.C. and Hank Hanegraaff from an interview a couple of weeks ago and we are starting to watch and listen to R. C. lecture on “Willing to Believe” from Ligoniers’ website, the marvels of technology to be able to access that all the way down here in the Southern Hemisphere. I have the book “Willing to Believe” and it is very good. I suppose that was one of the questions asked? Do we have “free-will?”

    Hope it has been a blessing for you there.

    Off to listen to your two latest broadcasts.

  3. DaveM / Nov 18 2007 2 53

    Being a very recent visitor to your site I must ask, who is the fellow with the tie and who is thefellow without?

  4. theexpositor / Nov 18 2007 18 49


    The gentleman on the left is Dr. Steve Lawson. Thats me on the right.

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