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27 October, 2007 / theexpositor

Did Bill Hybels ‘Repent’ of Seeker Sensitive?


I’ve been receiving numerous emails from people asking me what my take is on the recent news of “Bill Hybels repenting” of his seeker sensitive methodology. The talk of repentance by the founder of the Willow Creek church comes from a recent conference in which he was quoted as saying: “spiritual growth doesn’t happen best by becoming dependent on elaborate church programs but through the age old spiritual practices of prayer, bible reading, and relationships. And, ironically, these basic disciplines do not require multi-million dollar facilities and hundreds of staff to manage“. Of course, that’s true, and that’s why so many of us have been chanting “give us Bibles not Hybels!” for years. But the question now is – what are we to make of these latest Willow words? Are we really seeing a change of mind from the Prince of Plexiglas Pulpits? Or is this just another left turn leading even further away from biblical Christianity? … [Read More!]



  1. Rick Frueh / Oct 27 2007 17 42

    After years of going furthur and furthur off course repentance can never be demonstrated in a few musing remarks. To repent of all the many compromises that a seeker sensitive church of WC size has engaged in takes a mini-revival which would result in tears and prayers. How we have now redifined repentance as a few moments onstage delivering some off the cuff remarks.

    The well meaning but significantly flawed seeker movement has infected millions and Hybels or someone of his stature could be used to bring them all back to a deeper committment to the Word through repentance, but I personally do not consider words evidence of repentance. John the Baptist once admonished some to bear the fruits of the repentance they claimed.

    We can pray.

  2. J C / Nov 9 2007 22 03

    “Did Bill Hybels ‘Repent’ of Seeker Sensitive?” NO per Greg Hawkins

    Greg Hawkins responds with the truth about REVEAL.
    “Is Willow Re-thinking its Seeker Focus?
    • Simple answer – no. My boss would say that Willow is not just seeker-focused. We are seeker-obsessed. The power of REVEAL’s insights for our seeker strategy is the evangelistic strength uncovered in the more mature segments. If we can serve them better, the evangelistic potential is enormous, based on our findings.”

    You can find this at

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