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21 October, 2007 / theexpositor

Day Two at Emergence 07 and a conclusion

Day two at Emergence 07 in Austin Texas started early Saturday at Gateway Church. The days schedule began with the attendees broke off into small groups as the speakers took turn fielding questions on a variety of issues, most dealing with church growth and theology.Next, came a message by Scot McKnight on dealing with six questions emergent seekers ask that are not safe to ask in traditional churches; as Dr. McKnight put it questions that are asked by seekers but are being rejected by evangelical churches. The questions dealt with 1. The Bible, 2. Science, 3. Christian and Church Integrity, 4. Hell, 5. The God of the Bible and 6. Sexuality. Following Dr. McKnight address, the panelists took turns asking McKnight about his comments and taking questions from the audience.I received an email today from a reader, Jake, who was disappointed with my blogs posts saying,It’s easy to give vague statements about how “many basic tenets of the faith were called into question or even outright rejected” and “the running theme here is ambiguity, doubt and uncertainty about almost everything”.  Would you care to offer some specific examples?  Until you do, it seems to me that all you’re really doing is leveling serious accusations about the speakers while offering absolutely no evidence to back them up.

I commend you for being much more gracious in your criticisms than many who dislike what some emergent leaders teach.  But routinely such criticisms seem to consist of vague statements with little critical engagement of actual points of disagreement.I appreciate Jakes comments and agree in part. I do plan on offering specific examples, in fact the actual audio of specific statements. The fact is the production, editing and reviewing needed to present these materials takes time, and I am basically a one-man operation. I arrived in Vicksburg very late, around 1:30am, slept for about two hours before leaving for another engagement today. As I said, we will be providing specifics on statement I made in the first Austin post. But let me say this, and Doug Pagitt so much as said the same thing, everything said at the conference is consistent with the writings and teachings of the respective speakers. Lastly, let me say again, that my going to Austin for this conference was not to mock or belittle anyone. Attending this conference was a tremendous awakening experience for me, also a convicting one. More still to come and please listen to out radio program on Monday October 21.