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17 October, 2007 / theexpositor

Paige Patterson on “The greatest theological error in Southern Baptist churches today”

In this article from Strange Baptist, Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, names the greatest challenge facing the Southern Baptist Convention today, lack of emphasis on the importance of regenerate church membership. I applaud Dr. Paige for his courage and faithfulness for stating the truth. Here is a portion of that article:

 “Somewhere along the line, the concept of believers’ baptism has been lost,” he said. “I do believe that Baptists have become the worst of the infant baptizers today. You look at how many people we are baptizing under age 5 today and you see that we don’t understand that until someone has had a regenerating experience with the Holy Spirit changing his life he is not an appropriate candidate for baptism.”

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  1. Randy Osborn / Nov 8 2007 3 25

    We are going to close and end our membership and relaunch it anew at Calvary. The old membership will be a historical record of who had joined Calvary and can no longer be found. If we receive a letter for them we will grant it as a historical record and all the old members will once again become, in essence, prospects. If they return to Calvary in the future, then they will be required to renew covenant by testimony of faith and biblical baptism. The new membership will renew covenant and will be reported for denominational purposes. This will become a regular practice and process every 10 years. We will probably go from 400+ members to around 200+.

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