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14 October, 2007 / theexpositor

CBS’ 60 Minutes examines Osteen Teachings


On the October 14 episode of 60 Minutes on CBS, they will feature a story on the teachings of Joel Osteen. The story will feature an interview with Dr. Michael Horton. From The White Horse Inn:

Is popular televangelist Joel Osteen a faithful representative of the Christian faith? What really is at the heart of the Christian message? Surprisingly, this will be the focus of CBS’s 60 Minutes this Sunday (Oct. 14th). In addition to Osteen himself, this upcoming broadcast will feature an interview with Dr. Michael Horton, who believes that Osteen’s popular message is more about self-help and personal motivation than a faithful representation of the Christian gospel.

60 Minutes airs 7pm ET/6pm CT. The program may be delayed due to NFL football. We will be featuring clips from the broadcast and commentary on The Mike Corley Program Monday.



  1. Darren Sapp / Oct 15 2007 20 52

    I watched the interview last night and learned nothing new. Is Osteen’s preaching the prosperity Gospel? Yes. Is it misleading from the true Gospel message? Yes. Is Osteen different from the other prosperity preachers? Yes. The reason I say this is that I do not see him as doing this for the money. I think he geniunely has found something that people want to hear. It makes them feel good and makes him feel good that he led them there. What happens though in times of trial? A positive attitude only takes you so far and never leads you where you need to be and that is total dependence on God. How do you think the persecuted Christian in China, Iraq, or Cuba feels about that message? I like Joel Osteen because he seems sincere and seems like a really nice guy with no nefarious purpose. I agree though with Michael Horton’s assessment of where that preaching leads and a full arena is no measure of spritual success. Joel…if you are listening, don’t give the message the people want to hear, give the message God wants the people to hear and that is the shed blood and broken body of Christ for our sins to bring God glory.

  2. theexpositor / Oct 16 2007 1 10

    Amen Darren. Great points!

  3. Jim / Oct 17 2007 20 04

    It is obvious that Pastor Justin Peters was uncomfortable when he described Osteen’s theology as not reflective of the Biblical gospel and identified Osteen as a false prophet.

    Yet, Peters clearly articulated the error, which is Biblically required, as a true teacher of the Gospel of Christ.

    The obedience displayed by both Mike Corley and Pastor Peters, despite the level of discomfort, is what is woefully absent from the majority of the pulpits today.

    And the souls of the lost are fooled into thinking they are getting their best lives now.

    The pied pipers of prosperity and purpose need to be confronted with the trumpet of truth.

    Thank you both for your faithfulness in your efforts in sounding the alarm.

  4. Douglas / Oct 26 2007 0 29

    Mike, is this troubling?

    Joel & Victoria Osteen on Finding Faith and Dealing with Calif. Wildfires,2933,305002,00.html

    It fills me with great sadness what Joel and Victoria Osteen are teaching.

    I think the Osteen’s are not Christians, I thing they are not born again. To me they only have a form of godliness. I know Steve Camp and Mark Driscoll call Joel Osteen a Brother but I don’t. I do not say that lightly.

  5. Rena / Jun 21 2011 23 30

    Thanks this 60 minutes interview with Osteen was very good. I was very intrigued. Honestly, I never heard the term prosperity gospel much until recently when used to describe his preaching style. After seeing photos of his house that were just published this week, I know why they call it that. It doesn’t get much more prosperous than this…

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