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10 October, 2007 / theexpositor

Are Christians Contributing to Unbelief?

On yesterdays installment of The Mike Corley Program we addressed the question, Are Christians Contributing to Unbelief?”, based on a Michael Craven article of the same title. Craven notes in the article, available at In his article, Craven notes,

“This raises the obvious question: “If Americans remain so staunchly religious then why do books such as Hitchens’, God is Not Great or Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion and many others challenging faith seem to be gaining popularity?” Why are so many Americans who evidently claim to believe in God and describe themselves as having “religious faith” buying books attacking the existence of God? Clearly I believe we are talking about spiritual seekers and not necessarily spirit-filled believers. And for that reason, this is a very important question for the Church to grapple with and not ignore.”

I submit that far too much of the church today does contribute to unbelief, and we do it by our lack of commitment in studying, contending for, and proclaiming the true biblical Gospel.

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