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05 October, 2007 / theexpositor

Invite Mike to your church or fellowship

We are prayerfully seeking opportunities to minister to churches, fellowships, groups and more across America. Mike is now available to come your area and share the Gospel with the same uncompromising, yet compassionate approach you hear on the radio and in print. From the contemporary church growth movements to the ongoing controversial issues surrounding doctrine and the definition of the very Gospel itself, Mike will bring years of ministry experience and being on the front lines of todays culture as he calls all people to repentance, reform and revival. Would you consider inviting Mike to your area today? For more information call 1-888-253-9254, extension 211, or email

What others are saying about Mike…..

“Mike Corley is a needed voice of truth and righteousness, not only in this country, but around the world.  God has gifted this brother with unique human skills, sound spiritual convictions and a passion for God’s glory. His program challenges the skeptic and edifies the believer. In a world awash with information, he is an island lush with God-centered life in a sea of murky man-centeredness.  Its my joy to call him a brother and a friend.”

Jeff Noblit, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Muscle Shoals, AL and founder of Anchored in Truth Ministries  

“Mike Corley understands the issues that are important to the health of biblical Christianity in our culture. And he is not afraid to address those issues with biblical insight and wisdom.”

Dr. Thomas Ascol, Executive Director, Founders Ministries  

“Mike Corley engages current issues from a distinctly Christian perspective in a style that is intellectually stimulating, challenging and often times, very humorous. I thank the Lord for raising Mike up for such a time as this.”

Justin Peters, Evangelist, Justin Peters Ministries  

“God has gifted Mike to discern between truth and error and has given him the ability to articulate his findings compassionately and concisely. I have both read and heard many Christian apologists who are unable the defend the Gospel as well as Mike Corley”

Pastor Greg Clemts, Southside Baptist Church, Vicksburg, Mississippi