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04 October, 2007 / theexpositor

Theology 101 on Thursday

The discussion continues tomorrow (Thursday October 4) on The Mike Corley Program, as Pastor Scott Reiber joins me in the studio for the next class on a study and discussion on Reformed theology. Last week Scott and I launched into just one of the many controversial topics in the Reformed faith , and it is that of infant baptism. Many listeners, and readers of this blog, weighed with comments and questions. Tomorrow you will have another chance to do the same.

The program airs LIVE at 12noon CT/1PM ET, and you listen live online HERE, or on a delay at our site.

Dont wait! Call us any time and leave your feedback on our listener line, or you can send your questions or comments here at the site.




  1. Robert / Oct 4 2007 15 49

    Mike I like your program, but last week you lobbed softball questions at the pastor. When the caller Don tried to ask a question and a follow-up, you cut him off. Are you trying to hide something?

  2. Joesph / Oct 4 2007 15 51

    i foudn your discussionlast week very interesting and wanted to ask a question about scott’s use of extra-biblical text. what do you mean by that? secondly, i know you did mean to imply that extra-bihblical text woudl ever take importance over Scripture, right?

  3. Rita / Oct 4 2007 15 53

    liek so many maybe, i have been fascianted by what you guys are describing as reformed theology. such doctrines or teachings as the sinfulness of man and the sovereignty of God as to me just Bible. Concerning infant baptism, and please dont be offended by this question, would you have a problem if i described it as a dedication of the child, or describe it as simply a non-salvific presbyterian tradition?

  4. Walter / Oct 4 2007 15 55

    i think one of the problems with infant baptism, is that it “implies” that when you baptize an infant, the church is declaring them saved. what woudl be your response to this?

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