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02 October, 2007 / theexpositor

The Episcopal Church-What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?

Just to read the question makes me upset. I think the Episcopal Church, the institution and too many of its leaders, are completely apostate.

“What does it mean to follow Jesus? How did Jesus live? With whom did he eat? With whom did he converse?” Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori posed at a public forum at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on Sunday. “Jesus hung out with people on the margins. He hung out with people who were unacceptable to the Judaism of his time,” she pointed out. “I think that’s what it means to follow Jesus.”

All of this is totally symptomatic of the liberal, apostate church and in this case, the Episcopal Church. Should the church take care of the poor, witness to the sinner, hang out with people on the margins….YES! BUT THE CHURCH, CHRISTIANS, ARE IN THE WORLD, BUT SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THE WORLD. 

Taking care of people, feeding people, rubbing their backs and never sharing with them the reality of their sinful state and their absolute need for repentance and trusting in the Savior, is not Christianity, it is a watered down, weak, unscriptural effort.

“All people – including gay and lesbian Christians and non-Christians – are deserving of the fullest regard of the Church,” Jefferts Schori asserted during the discussion before Grace’s Sunday service. “We’re not going backward.”

There is no such thing as a “gay and lesbian Christian” just as there is no such thing as an adulterous Christians, or a Christian mass murderer, or a Christian drug dealer. The correct term applied to these people would be sinner, or more specifically an unrepentant sinner. Such statements as this from Jefferts Schori clearly show she totally lacks any understanding of the truth and context of the Scriptures.

“The church in the West has lost its way,” the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan, the bishop of Pittsburgh, said in the announcement, adding that the U.S. church body is “weak, in decline and uncertain about Jesus.”“A schism of sorts seems inevitable,” said the Very Rev. Alan Jones, dean of Grace Cathedral and moderator of Sunday’s forum. 

Let me say that there are many believers in the Episcopal Church who are truly committed Christians; who love God, who seeks to do His will, who strive toward holiness and seek to fulfill God’s call. I have personal friends who are still in the Episcopal Church and are torn over what has happened in their denomination.

Yet it is time to take a stand. Either these heretics such as Rowan Williams, Katharine Jefferts Schori and others have to go, or those who are true believers have to go, and MANY have and MANY MORE should.



  1. The Rev. Bryan Dabney / Oct 2 2007 13 51

    Sad to say, TEC has become Laodicea. It has been sliding away from the truth of God’s word written much as Israel slid into apostasy prior to the Babylonian Captivity. The Articles of Religion, which were once revered and followed as guides for its faith and practice, have been rendered mere historical relics of a bygone age. In so doing they have discarded the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and exchanged them for the doctrines of demons.
    The late Bishop James Dees, founder of the Anglican Orthodox Church was one of the first to break with TEC in the early 1960’s largely because of its apostasy with regard to the Articles. He saw their desertion as opening the church up to being “tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and the cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive” as St. Paul noted in Ephesians 4: 14. And what did the church do after that? 1) dumped the infallibility of Scripture, 2) embraced a watered down ecumenism which led to the doctrines of inclusion and universal salvation apart from the atoning sacrifice of Christ, 3) acceptance of the female priesthood and 3) the acceptance of licentiousness and degradation within the body itself.
    Like you, I still have friends and acquaintances who remain within TEC, but they are hardly fed spiritually. Some say they attend services, but that they do not pay attention to the sermons or the other pronouncements made by there. Many continue to go because that is what they have always known. The memories of family and friends and of a more pleasant and distant time still holds them in their pews. Some are “brick and mortar churchfolk” in love with a building and its history.
    Ezekiel 8 is worth a read by all who love the Lord our God and seek his will in their lives. God will not deal kindly with those who pollute his houses of worship which includes those who sustain and support them. In II Corinthians 6: 14-18 Christians then and now are admonished by the apostle to “come out from among them…be ye separate…touch not the unclean thing…and I will be a Father unto you and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” It is my prayer that those still faithful to God which remain “in Sodom” will come out and soon. May God give them his Spirit and his understanding in this important matter.

  2. theexpositor / Oct 2 2007 22 48

    Thank you Bryan. I sense your heart in your comments.

  3. Robert M. Warren / Oct 3 2007 1 36

    There are true believers in the Episcopal Church. You can find some of them here:

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