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25 September, 2007 / theexpositor

Way to go Phil!

Phil Johnson posts a tremendous article on his Pyromaniac blog highlighting the outrageous and ignorant comments by Doug Pagitt. I feel sorry for Mr. Pagitt and I think we should all pray that he repents and comes to a knowledge of the Savior. Meanwhile, while he chooses to remain in his disobedience, we should contend for the faith with a white-hot fervor.Secondly, great insight as usual from Dr. Johnson on Mark Driscoll. I have only today downloaded the message Johnson points to by Driscoll, and will be listening to it tonight. I will have more to say about this and the Pagitt comments later. Let’s also continue to pray for Mark Driscoll.

Read the article….



  1. Doug Pagitt / Sep 25 2007 2 03

    I appreciate the prayers, thanks.

  2. Douglas / Sep 25 2007 15 32

    I appreciate the prayers, thanks.

    Doug, have you truly repented of your sinfulness against the God who is thrice times holy? Do you tremble at God’s word? Do you work out your own salvation with fear and trembling? I would say there are thousands praying for you, especially when your material has the potential to deceive millions of people around the globe. If I was you, I would be trembling at the rustling of the leaf, I would be jumping at my shadow.

    True Repentance – by Jay Wegter

    God’s gift of salvation includes the gift of repentance.

    The Word of God employs a number of words to describe the many facets of salvation. Many of these words describe God’s sovereign work in man’s salvation. Other terms are used to set forth the conditions of salvation. Faith and repentance are conditions of salvation. Scripture asserts that even the ability to lay hold of salvation is a gift of divine grace. Faith is granted by God to the elect (John 6:65, Ephesians 2:8,9, Philippians 1:29). Repentance also is granted by God’s grace (2 Timothy 2:25, Acts 11:18).

    Faith and repentance have their counterfeits.

    It is a sobering truth that both faith and repentance have their counterfeits. Many profess to have believed savingly when no change in their nature has taken place. They may assent to the historical facts of the gospel, but do not exercise moral trust in Christ for righteousness. Where true repentance is absent, salvation in Christ is also missing. Scripture reserves some of its strongest warnings for hypocrites.
    See the link above for the full article.

    Doug, has God taken out that stony heart of yours and replaced it with a heart of flesh or is it still an unregenerate heart, do you have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof or is your heart a new heart?

    The Unregenerate Heart

    Remember, being a nice, warm, friendly, lovey dovey (in the humanistic sense) person, is not good enough to earn you eternal life, you cannot earn eternal life.

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