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18 September, 2007 / theexpositor

OJ Simpson gets Purpose Driven Life in Jail

USA Today is reporting in a story today on the first moments of OJ Simpsons stay at Clarke County Jail in Las Vegas. It is briefly mentioned that a visiting minister gave Simpson a copy of the Bible and the Purpose Driven Life. Let us pray that The Juice reads God’s Word and not the PDL. Hearing that he is created for significance and purpose, and not telling him he is a sinner in desperate need of repentance, is just what Simpson does NOT need!

Here is a question for you all……if you were to give OJ a copy of God’s Word, and another book….what would that other book be?



  1. Yepiz / Sep 18 2007 22 28

    Any of these three:

    1. Charles Spurgeon’s “Conversion.”
    2. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
    3. Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God by Jonathan Edwards.

  2. Private Eye / Sep 18 2007 22 45

    The moral of this story? Regardless if O.J.s statement to the police was truthful, he was down right stupid. Regardless if in fact he had actual criminal ‘intent’ to commit a crime? The bottom line is ~

    If you don’t want the police involved, and desire a clandestine operation, investigation or a “sting operation;” Call the professionals. Call a Private Eye that has experience in undercover investigations, intelligence gathering and more importantly, sting operations. If this only requires the motel room phase; it would have still been very expensive. But it would have been a legal and much wiser long-term solution to his problem. O.J had a right to follow up on this lead (that his alleged stolen property was in this room.) But he should have NEVER been part of the process.

  3. pastoralmusings / Sep 18 2007 23 21

    I think I’d give him “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper.
    Perhaps then he’d find something to guide him to the realization of the importance of the glory of someone other than himself.

  4. Douglas / Sep 19 2007 8 22

    Firstly, I would give him a copy of ” The Reformation Study Bible” English Standard Version (the study notes are superb), and then a copy of R. C. Sproul’s; “Knowing Scripture.” I would give these to anyone that was truly interested. Even many, many souls within the professing Church needs these two, urgently, desperately.

    Giving Mr. Simpson “The Purpose Driven Life is appalling,” dismaying, tragic. Goes to show how ingrained the deceptive teachings of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven movement have become and where the tentacles of it reach……

    After visiting with Mr. Simpson in his cell I would leave copy of “Redefining Christianity: Understanding The Purpose Driven Movement” by Bob DeWaay on OJ’s bunk, as an extra. Excellent book.

    I pray that Mr. Simpson comes to true godly repentance before he dies, otherwise he has a fearsome, dreadful, awesome Judgment awaiting him and then he will really find out his purpose.

  5. The Reformed One / Sep 19 2007 13 40

    1. Velvet Elvis

    2. Become a Better You

    3. A Generous Orthodoxy

    4. Anything by Creflo Dollar

    5. Reposition Yourself.

    I think he would learn alot about fulfillment from this selection. 🙂

    No, honestly, I’d leave him a copy of either “Don’t Waste Your Life” or “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners” or Augustine’s “Confessions”. These are the books I’d ask for in prison.

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