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18 September, 2007 / theexpositor

Understanding the Emergent Church

Rick Frueh and I may disagree on some things, but several of his latest posts have stirred my thinking. Whether you agree or disagree, I suggest you read this article by Rick entitled Understanding the Emergent Church.

I believe the emergent movement began as a reaction to the stagnation and the sometimes shallowness of the evangelical church world. As a generalization you have one side on an ever increasing attempt to be relevant and recreate Christianity into a self help program with a tinge of eternity connected with it, and on the other side you see the battle gear laden warriors that protect the core of Scriptural truth while many neglect the weighty matters of Christlikeness. So fuzzy but friendly verses fundamental but furious. And what do you do when you are faced with that choice? Viola‚Ķthe emergent movement.”



  1. just a mom / Sep 22 2007 12 13

    Mike –

    Dr.’s orders… Take 2 asprin and call him in the morning…. No really… Pay Attention ! – Watch what these pastors do, not just what they say. Sorry… I don’t buy all the compromise.

    The Emergent movement came out of Leadership Network. Allelon is a part. Codes words include Transformational Leadership and “coaching”. Look for the unbiblical systems TQM (Total Quality Management). Leader names like Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Peter Senge, Brian McLaren, and Bill Easum, . Publishers now connected with this transformation include: Jossey Bass, Zondervan, and Baker Books. Terms are used
    like “authencity,” “vision-casting”, team-building, “missional” with “top-down standards.” There are “partners” that hold you “accountable.” This is not Acts 2:47… for church has now become “follow the money”…..

    Watch the comments… look over the site…he’s hanging with the wrong crowd…. ???

    We need church leadership to repent.

  2. Rick Frueh / Oct 23 2007 13 03

    Mike – I am in the hospital but you may be interested in my latest post. I am rapidly coming to some disturbing conclusions.


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