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14 September, 2007 / theexpositor

Way of the Master-How to Botch an Altar Call

From Way of The Master comes this list of things you can do to “botch” an altar call. I will share just the points. Log on to Way of the Master and read the entire piece

  • Present an unbalanced message.

  • Don’t mention repentance until they’re repeating a “sinner’s prayer.”

  • Above all else, be dignified.

  • Skim over the gospel and push the prayer.

  • Preach Jesus as a life enhancer not a life rescuer.

  • Try to please the people instead of convert them.

  • Compromise the message to speed up the process.

  • Give them the impression that God is so good He won’t send anyone to hell.

  • Speak to sinners as though they were saints.

  • Don’t mention sin or man’s guilt.

  • Don’t look to the Bible for the substance of your altar call.

  • Tell the lost not to feel bad about their sins.

  • Whatever you do, never mention Judgment Day.

  • Tell them Jesus is the only way to heaven but don’t explain why.

  • Confuse the call.

  • Only give them half the story.

  • Present the truth as though it isn’t.

  • Preach forgiveness without repentance.

  • Be unbiblical.

  • Let them think next Sunday is the day of salvation.

  • Never warn of hell.

  • Only do altar calls inside the church.

  • Use churchy terms.

  • Give false assurance of salvation to unsaved Christians. Never mention the wrath of God.

  • Study how the apostles preached and witnessed and do the opposite.

  • Put more emphasis on the “sinner’s prayer” then on repentance and faith.

  • Let Christians think you’re the only one who can do it right.

  • Don’t let the lost know they are.

  • Rely upon psychological techniques to manipulate people into responding to the altar call.

  • Make sure you’re the main attraction.

  • Don’t focus upon Jesus.


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  1. Douglas / Sep 14 2007 12 20

    ‘Decisions For Christ’ – The Measure of Success?

    The above includes links to essays about Altar Calls in the comments section. Are Altar Calls even biblical? Are they really helpful? Mr. Bublitz’s article; ‘Decisions For Christ’ – The Measure of Success? is also very sobering.

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