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07 September, 2007 / theexpositor

Quick Notes…..via A Little Leaven

From time to time, I like to post the headlines from, a wonderful website that points to the some outlandish extremes in contemporary Christianity. It’s a great website; thanks Chris.

Halo Bible Study? Sure, Why Not? (based on the violent video game)

‘Christian’ Hair Growth Products?!

Extreme Grandparenting?

A Christian Tire Gauge?

Salvation Geico Style  This one I have to spend a little more time on. As per A Little Leaven:

CavemanWe’re not so sure this was a good idea. The clever folks at Kerusso (who are notorious for ‘borrowing’ other people’s ideas to make a buck share the faith) may actually be insulting unbelievers with this T-Shirt. It’s as if the unwritten subtext on this shirt is saying, “Yeah, salvation is so simple even a moron like you could get saved.”

If you know anyone of lesser intelligence who got saved by this t-shirt please email us.