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26 August, 2007 / theexpositor

Two Years Later…What have we learned from Hurricane Katrina?

Newspapers this Sunday morning across the state of Mississippi are featuring stories measuring the effects of Hurricane Katrina two years after one of the most devastating disasters in American history. On my radio program, at the one-year anniversary of Katrina, I asked the question, “What did we learn from Katrina?”, and I answered my own question with, “Not much!” Two years after the hurricane, my opinion remains the same.

One story that caught my attention appeared in the Jackson Clarion Ledger with the headline ‘Residents: Gaming has upper hand’ and shares comments straight from the mouths of those who have lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and those who live there still. It tells how the parasites called casinos took advantage of the situation following Katrina and bought up land in the area, driving up land prices even higher and with plans to build even more casinos and thus continue their raping of the states economic and moral foundations.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, lawmakers sit by and allow it and even encourage it. What the casinos want the casinos get. It should cause everyone to think however, how a state where the casinos are lauded as a great economic success story, can remain the poorest state in America, with some of the highest unemployment rates, highest infant mortality rates and some of the poorest schools in the country.

Where is all this going? I don’t know specifically, but I do know it is only going to get worse, as spineless politicians, lazy business leaders and a weak and retarded church community sit by and do absolutely nothing.