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02 August, 2007 / theexpositor

Michael Horton on Pelagianism

from Modern Reformation 

Cicero observed of his own civilization that people thank the gods for their material prosperity, but never for their virtue, for this is their own doing. Princeton theologian B. B. Warfield considered Pelagianism “the rehabilitation of that heathen view of the world,” and concluded with characteristic clarity, “There are fundamentally only two doctrines of salvation: that salvation is from God, and that salvation is from ourselves. The former is the doctrine of common Christianity; the latter is the doctrine of universal heathenism.”

“We possess neither the ability, free will, power, nor the righteousness to repair ourselves and escape the wrath of God. It must all be God’s work, Christ’s work, or there is no salvation.”




  1. Darrel / Aug 3 2007 0 58

    This not a difficult concept to grasp (salvation is the work of Christ ALONE). Yet I see so many people flopping like a fish out of water when confronted the facts of Scripture that our “will’ has absolutely nothing to do with our redemption by the blood of Christ. The idea that a man can by an act of his will make all things right with the Almighty God has elevated (lowered) itself to premiere idol status. It is terribly sad that pride robs us of the truth of God’s Word. To hold to the idol’s lie one must refuse to accept and believe hundreds of verses. And yet when our eyes are finally opened, what a humbling and joyful day that is! What gratitude for the salvation that He provides! What a God honoring and Christ exalting realization! Why, it is all from Him, of Him and to Him after all. “Worthy is the Lamb”

  2. theexpositor / Aug 3 2007 1 11

    Wow Darrel! Well said. Thanks for the blessing of your comment.

  3. paula / Aug 3 2007 5 03

    darrel — you are so right. It’s not a difficult concept to *grasp* but it is difficult for man to *accept* because of his pride.

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