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01 August, 2007 / theexpositor

Osteen Strikes Again….but with a smile

Slice of Laodicea posts a great piece concerning Joel Osteen’s latest installment of Christianity light (and I mean really light), with his latest book Become a Better You. Ingrid shares the books seven steps to improving your life, noting that any mention of the Lord Jesus is left out.

* Keep pressing forward.
* Be positive towards yourself.
                        * Develop better relationships.
                        * Form better habits.
                        * Embrace the place where you are.
                        * Develop your inner life.
                        * Stay passionate about life.

I agree with Slice, that this book will probably surpass the ‘ first fluff, as many CHINOs will fall for anything, sadly.




  1. Faye / Aug 22 2007 6 36

    Have you noticed that these Christian “Lite” preachers who write books seem to have only one or two themes? They make killing writing about a “felt need” and then crank out the sequel with a new title that is a rerun of the first book. If I am going to read another book besides the Bible, I would rather read from someone who has more formal training in theology than myself( which excludes Mr. Osteen and most of the others writers that are in publication these days).

  2. LionsRoar / Aug 27 2007 10 39

    I definitely agree that the WoF (Word of Faith) movement is chock full of heresy and that Osteen could use some more substance to his sermons.

    Having said that, though, I do think there’s a place in Christendom for someone who is an encourager, who is positive and reminds people that God loves them.

    I get a little uncomfortable with those on the other extreme who are way too “gung ho” about telling people they’re sinners going to Hell. It’s as though they get some kind of *personal enjoyment* out of it.

    While people need to hear about sin, judgement, and Hell, they also need to be told that God is merciful and loves them.

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