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28 July, 2007 / theexpositor

Follow-Up, Comments on Leaving the SBC

Since announcing my departure from the Southern Baptist Convention, I have received a flood of response. I expected as much, and quite frankly I expected more negative or critical comments than I received. I was pleased that most of the comments were positive and even supportive. Some though were critical, condemning, and arrogant, and of course there were the third hand jabs made by those without the courage or integrity to say what they think to my face. Anyway, here are a few of the more negative comments. Most of them are sincere opinions, some of them are arrogant banter, and some are made out of ignorance.

  • “I can’t believe you gave up on the SBC!”
  • “What are you gonna do about the infant baptism issue?”
  • “Southern Baptists are doing more for missions than anyone. What are the others doing?”
  • “Presbyterians don’t have a hold on the doctrine of the sovereignty of God!”
  • “Mike is too nit-picky and makes too much out of things.”
  • “I consider Presbyterians brothers and sisters in Christ, but they are wrong with this Calvinism thing.”
  • “Reformed theology is not the way!”
  • “I’ve been Southern Baptist longer than you…..”
  • “I believe in the sovereignty of God, but……”
  • “I have been in the Convention for years, and I don’t see the problems you claim to see.”
  • “You are wrong…dead wrong!” 

These are just a few. I really appreciate even the critical or negative comments. I think in some ways, it drives the point home better than I did.




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  1. Les Puryear / Jul 28 2007 14 45


    Go with your heart, brother. May God richly bless you in your new path for His glory.


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