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18 July, 2007 / theexpositor

David Wells- ‘Today’s culture is clueless’

Baptist Press-Christians in the West must think like missionaries and patiently proclaim the entire story of redemption because contemporary culture no longer understands such terms as sin and grace, theologian and author David Wells said at the annual Southern Baptist Founders Conference.

Wells cited the disintegration of morals and the loss of moral categories as major reasons why most people in the West understand neither the reality of sin nor the necessity of a redeemer.

“It is especially perplexing to postmodernists to understand why Jesus had to die,” Wells said. “To them it seems far more plausible that what we have [in Jesus] is a kind of freak, random, uncontrolled set of circumstances that snuffed out the life of Jesus before His full potential was realized. The alternative to them is implausible and incomprehensible.

“But we know that the natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit, the truth of God. They are folly to him. But what we need to consider is that this spiritual blindness is given cultural confirmation today, making this blindness more stubborn and more resistant the Gospel.”

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