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14 July, 2007 / theexpositor

Will Metzger-The Myth of My Inalienable Rights

from Will Metzger’s book Tell the Truth;

“We are creatures. Does it not follow that God has all rights over his creation? As our creator, he has creation rights (ownership perogatives) over everyone. We were made for His purposes. God does not exist for our benefit, remember? Our wills are not sovereign, an independent, high-walled enclosure that God cannot enter. He alone is autonomous-a law unto Himself. Whatever he does by definition is right and good; therefore, He can do anything to people that is his “good pleasure”. He is supreme. God is God. Various People in the Bible express this truth.

In this day of multiple human “rights”, most people wrongly assume that God owes us something-salvation, or at least a chance at salvation. He shows astonishing favor to many, but He does not have to (that is the essesnce of grace). If He were obliged to be gracious, grace would no longer be grace and salvation would be based on human merit rather than being sola gratia. This is why the doctrine of election is opposed by so many.  It doesn’t seem fair to them. But as soon as we introduce the dcotrine of fairness, we introduce a standard by which God has to save all or at least give everyone an equal chance of being saved. And that is not grace! If God were motivated only by what is right, without any consideration of grace made possible by the work of Christ, all would be condemned, and all would spend eternity in hell. Humbled, we celebrate a ‘Declaration of Dependence’, agreeing that we are endowed with alienable (transferred to us from our Creator) rights.